Administration of Doctoral Research Networks

Applications for doctoral research networks are currently not invited.

Funding for Doctoral Research Networks

Program Goals

By funding interdisciplinary doctoral research networks, the University of Tübingen aims to increase the involvement of young researchers in structured doctoral funding and to support the formation of new, interdisciplinary research projects, particularly in the humanities.

Who can apply?

A thematic or methodological research alliance made up of 3 to 4 lecturers of the University of Tübingen from different disciplines.

What can you apply for?

  • 5 doctoral fellowships per doctoral research network (16.380 € per fellow per year)
  • Infrastructural measures, material resources, travel funds, doctoral workshops/symposia etc. This programme cannot finance coordinator positions or similar. Material resources are capped at 24.000 € per year. It is possible to increase the number of scholarships at the expense of material resources.

Application Amount

  • maximum: 105.900 €/year

Funding Duration

  • 3 years – you will be asked for a short written report at the end of the second year. At the end of the funding period, a written research and evaluation report must be submitted.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications are evaluated by the selection committee according to the following criteria:

  • Qualification of applicants
  • Interdisciplinary, innovative overall theme (thematic or methodical)
  • Quality and originality of the research program
  • Quality of the supervision and qualification program for doctoral candidates
  • Quality of interaction within the network (added value)
  • Evaluation of the integrative approach
  • Significance of cooperation within the network
  • Interesting cross-linking of projects
  • Conclusive evaluation concept

Propopal Deadline:

Written proposals (3 copies and an electronic version) must be submitted to Ms. Judith Osché, central administration, Dez. II, Wilhelmstr. 5 (Alte Botanik), Tel: 07071/29-77033

Information about applying as a download (in German)

Fellowship applications for the doctoral research networks newly approved in July 2017 must be addressed to the respective speakers of the doctoral research networks.

Information, Factsheets and Forms (in German)

Forms for download    

Antrag auf ein Promotionsstipendum innerhalb eines Promotionsverbundes
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