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Actual information for all JobTicket BW customers:
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The Jobticket is a travel pass subsidized by your employer which lets you use the local and regional public transport. It’s meant to help working people get to work in an environmentally friendly way.

The state of Baden-Württemberg introduced the JobTicket BW in January 2016 for all state employees and provides a subsidy for it of 25 EUR / month. In addition, the public transport network Verkehrsverbund Neckar-Alb-Donau (naldo) reduces the price by 10 percent.

The JobTicket BW can only be purchased as a yearly subscription, paid for month by month. This rule has two big advantages for Jobticket holders: If you paid for it in one payment, the subsidy would be taxable; but if you pay for your Jobticket over 12 months, it is tax-free. In addition, it is easier to meet smaller monthly payments; the system is the result of demands made by the representatives of lower-income earners.


The JobTicket BW – just like regular yearly travel passes – is not restricted to work days and can be freely used outside of the workday commute. You cannot apply the Jobticket subsidy retrospectively to an existing annual travel pass. The JobTicket BW must be booked for a minimum of 12 months, but that period is not necessarily a calendar year. You can start your 12 months of subsidized travel on the first day of any month.

Ordering a ticket  

Further information on the JobTicket BW is available on the Landesamt für Besoldung und Vergütung website (LBV).

Please note that your application has to go directly to the subscriptions office of the transport authority: naldo-AboCenter Tübingen. If you have any questions, please contact the subscriptions office of the transport authority.

Last updated: October 2020