Cancellation, change

Cancellations and changes of terms regarding your JobTicket BW must be agreed directly with the naldo-AboCenter.

In the case of a cancellation please note:

If a cancellation is made during the first 12 months, the difference between the price of the naldo-Job-Ticket and the respective price of the regular monthly ticket - plus a small processing fee - will be charged for the "used" months (12 month period). Although the money will be refunded for the overpaid months, there may not be any money back in the case of a cancellation in the first year because the balance exceeds the amount of the refund. In case of a cancellation at the end of the 8th month (or earlier) a refund can be expected.

At the end of the first 12 months, no claim shall be made for the difference in price; any unused monthly ticket sections may be submitted at the time of cancellation for a refund of one-twelfth of the amount paid in advance.