Study and semester planning, or: How planning can also be helpful in troubled times

We all noticed this year how quickly plans that were made may have to suddenly be adjusted. Nevertheless, we at the ZSB believe that planning is important, even in troubled times. It helps structure the day and prevents us from forgetting something. Goals are better achieved.

Knowing that developing a plan can be difficult and especially following though with the plan, we would like to support you. 

Within the questions below, you will find helpful slides and worksheets regarding everything to do with planning and studying: from planning an entire study course from the beginning to final semester, planning day to day, and implementing plans that have been created. Each student has to see for himself whether this type of planning fits his own person and situation; our suggested procedures are only one of many possible ways. Planning itself takes some time to start with and may stress you out, but it can save you much more time and stress later. 

Give the following suggestions a try!

If you need barrier-free access to the documents, please contact: zsbspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de 

1 - Why plan ahead?

In these first slides we would like to give you an introduction to planning and explain why it makes sense even in troubled times. You will also find information on how you can set attainable goals.


2 - How do I plan my studies?

In these slides we show you how you can create an individual study plan and what should be considered. Correlating to the explanations in the slides, you can download a Word template for creating your individual study plan.



3 - How do I plan the semester?

In the following slides we show you one possible approach to planning a semester. We concentrate primarily on time management, as well as managing tasks and learning content, whiche are all closely related.

Together with the slides, you can use these worksheets for your personal planning:

Word template: Exam-related content
Word template: Monthly task overview

4 - How do I plan my week and my day?

In the following slides we show you a possible way to take a week’s worth of learning content and develop it into a weekly learning schedule. We not only focus on time management but also take into account aspects of study management.

You can use the Word template for creating a weekly schedule to create your personal weekly schedule.

5 - How can I stay connected and up to date?

The study and semester planning is not always smooth. There are always situations in which you have to deal with the unplanned or unplan-able, like a sudden lack of motivation, a larger workload than expected, illness, and even the current situation. In the following slides you will find ideas and tips that can help.

Depending on the content of the slides, you can use the Word template to create a to-do list to create your personal to-do list.


6 - Who can I contact?

The following contact points offer support to helping you successfully completing your studies:

Central Student Counselling Service:  www.uni-tuebingen.de/zsb

Diversity-oriented writing center:  www.uni-tuebingen.de/en/27440

Courses offered by Studium Professionale:  www.uni-tuebingen.de/en/2830

Psychotherapeutic advice center of the Studierendenwerk: