Application for guest students

People with an appropriate level of education may apply to sit in on classes at the University if there is free capacity. You do not necessarily need to have completed high school, but be aware that the vast majority of classes at the University of Tubingen take place in German.

You can apply to attend lectures as a guest student up until the start of the lecture period. The cutoff date for the summer semester is 15 April and for the winter semester it is 15 October. Submit TWO COPIES of the application form below.

The fee for guest students is currently €50 per semester.

If you wish to attend lectures only, fill out the application form and send two copies directly to Student Administration/ Studentensekretariat.

If you wish to attend seminars, practicals or exercises, you need approval from the relevant faculty. In that case, send your application forms directly to the relevant faculty.

For details of University of Tubingen classes, you can search the online course catalogue: http://campus.verwaltung.uni-tuebingen.de/index.html (click on the top-row icon for English)

Application form



Before your application can be approved, you must transfer the guest student fee of €50 to the following account:

Universitätskasse Tübingen
IBAN: DE29 6005 0101 7477 5036 21
Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

In the transfer (Verwendungszweck), include your given name, family name and the addition "Gasthoerer"

Application form

Please note : As a guest student you are not a member of the University of Tübingen and are not entitled to attend language courses at the Language Learning Center.