Information for Students

How does Service-Learning fit in your studies?
Are you socially-engaged or interested in social issues? Service-Learning is an educational format that can enable you to contribute to civil society during your studies. As part of a course, you will acquire theoretical content (Learning) and apply it in practice in a non-profit context (Service). This gives you the chance to gain specialized and transdisciplinary qualifications, as well as to reflect on the academic knowledge you gain. You will also have the opportunity to actively address a social issue and have this acknowledged as the first unit of your Civic Engagement Certificate.

International Service-Learning
As part of the EU- and DAAD-funded CIVIS project you can network with students from other participating European universities. This can give you different perspectives on your subject and you can learn about alternative approaches to a shared European challenge. The five major challenges are (1) Health, (2) Cities, Territories and Mobilities, (3) Digital and Technological Transformation, (4) Climate, Environment and Energy, (5) Society, Culture, Heritage.


How can I become socially engaged?

Service-Learning courses are an opportunity to address a real challenge to society working alongside teachers and non-university partners. Together you will develop solutions which are generally put into practice.
If you want to get even more involved, why not find out more about our program to recognize your civic engagement (Credit Points) while you are studying, as well as about the Civic Engagement Certificate?
If you have any questions about registration/withdrawal, terms of participation, Studium Professionale courses etc., you can find out more on the relevant pages or at the FAQ for Studium Professionale (future Transdisciplinary Course Program).

How many Credit Points can I receive?

The number of potential Credit Points depends significantly on the Service -Learning course in question and the amount of work connected with it (30 hrs are equal to 1 CP). As a rule you receive between 3 – 6 CP after successfully completing the program.

Can I have the courses credited for my certificates?

Service-Learning courses are the primary component of the Civic Engagement Certificate and can be credited to it. For other certificates please contact the relevant coordination offices.

Which non-university partners do you work with?

Among others, we have worked with the following non-university partners:

  • Botanischer Garten
  • Colibri e. V.
  • FAIRstrickt
  • Institut français Tübingen
  • Ohne Rüstung Leben
  • Refugee Law Clinic "Human Rights Law in Practice"

Do I need to have specific (specialized, personal, etc.) experience to participate?

Usually you do not have to meet any special requirements or conditions in order to participate in Service-Learning courses. However, if any are recommended you can find more information on the course description in alma.

I’m an international student (incoming). What do I need to know?

International students can register for Service-Learning courses via alma. Please contact us, if you have to complete graded course work, as Studium Professionale options are normally not graded. If you want to acquire certificates in this framework, please contact the relevant coordinator as soon as possible.

I’ve got an idea for a Service-Learning course. Whom do I contact?

We love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please reach out to us via e-mail or phone.