Information for International Students in Tübingen

Your Path into Civic Engagement in Tübingen

We warmly welcome you at the University of Tübingen!
Here at the sub-section of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, we support students in integrating their civic engagement into their academic studies. Therefore, we provide a variety of creditable programs, in which students may volunteer. For international CIVIS students, especially the following programs may be of interest:

Places of Civic Engagement

Student Initiatives

Also as a non-German speaker, you may participate in the following student initiatives:

Junge EuropäerInnen e. V. Tübingen

Non-partisan political youth organization for a strong Europe.

  • Most activities are pursued in German, yet the initiative is open
    to diversity.

BUNDjugend Tübingen

...and now save the earth!

  • Being able to speak English will be necessary.

Desierto Florido e. V.

(Blooming Desert) - Supporting social projects in Latin America and
organizing cultural events in Germany.

  • Open to all students interested in Latin America.
    Especially Spanish-speakers will find the bilingual website and events useful.

Effektiver Altruismus e. V. Tübingen

How can we do better good in a rational and evidence-based way?

  • All group meetings are held in English.
  • Since Effective Altruism is an international movement,
    there are many local groups across the globe. Many
    international students are already a part of the Tübingen initiative.

Enactus Tübingen

Student initiative for social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurial projects.

  • International students are warmly welcomed.

Mindful Science

A Mental Health Initiative

  • The initiative already has a number of international non-German speaking members.


Please find more information about the proceedings regarding accreditation of engagement in student initiatives on our website dedicated to this format.

External community partners

You may also get involved at one of our local community partners. In this case, please consider also attending EngagemenTransfer or the CIVIS micro-programme Civic Engagement.

Tübingen (Young) Foodbank

  • Help save food in Tübingen!

Female Fellows Tübingen

  • Work towards fempowerment

Science Shop Tübingen e. V.

  • Documenting and communicating scientific topics to the general public
  • Please contact info@wila-tuebingen.de

Europa macht Schule

  • Authentically present your country of origin in German classrooms!


For more information, please consider visiting our EngagemenTransfer website.

CIVIS micro-programme Civic Engagement

Only for CIVIS students!

This micro-programme is a transdisciplinary supplement for students of all subjects and degrees of the CIVIS-Universities. It is organized by the Transdisciplinary Course Program (TCP) subsection in cooperation with the University of Bucharest and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Hence, you will have the opportunity to participate not only in courses in Tübingen, but also in those in Bucharest and Madrid - usually in English and online.

If you wish to learn more about this exciting format, please visit our website dedicated to the micro-programme Civic Engagement.


How can I sign-up for my civic engagement in Tübingen?

This largely depends on where you want to get involved. As a rule of thumb, please first try to contact the initiative or external community partner via their contact details, stating your interest in getting involved in their work. Most of the time, you will find the contact details on their website or Facebook page.

Do I have to speak German in order to participate?

No, not necessarily. Especially the student initiatives and community partners, who are listed on this page, are open to international students, whose command of German is very basic. Being able to speak English, will certainly be an assett.

For how long should I be actively involved?

There is no fixed duration, as it depends on your interest and duration of stay at Tübingen. If you would like to participate also after your stay at Tübingen, talk to the initiative or the external community partner, if this is possible.
For crediting your civic engagement in the framework of one of our programs, please consult the respective websites of EngagemenTransfer or the CIVIS micro-programme Civic Engagement.

Can I earn credit points for my civic engagement?

Yes, you may earn credit points. EngagemenTransfer as well as the CIVIS micro-programme Civic Engagement offer this possibility. Please consult the respective websites.