Baden-Württemberg-Certificate for Teaching and Learning


Baden-Württemberg Certificate consists in a combination of workshops, practical conselling and didactic feedback. It is oriented towards international accredited standards of Teaching and Learning and encompasses three modules with an overall of 200 Work Units (AE – Arbeitseinheiten). You are free to participate in separate workshops and credit them for the Certificate later.

Module I
Basics of Teaching and Learning at University Level

This Module (60 AE) reflects on conditions and requirements of teaching and learning at university level, proposes a systematic development of didactic and methodological vision as well as a reflection on proficiency in the field of teaching and learning:

  • You will take part in a 4-day course “Fit for Teaching – Basics of Teaching and Leaning at University Level 1+2” (2 x 16 AE) .
  • During practical consultations, you will have a group discussion with questions and challenges based on your teaching experience (12 AE).
  • In case of peer feedback, another participant will be present at one of your lectures or seminars and will give you his/her feedback afterwards (12 AE).
  • In the end you will reflect and register what you’ve already learned but also consider didactic aspects you want to consolidate in the following Module II (4 AE).  

You can complete Module I only at the University you are currently teaching.

Module II
Consolidation of a chosen theme

In Module II (60 AE) you will strengthen your didactic knowledge by turning to questions related to your specific subject field. A minimum of four out of seven topics should be covered:

  1. Basics of Teaching and Learning
  2. Alternative Teaching and Learning methods
  3. Planning and preparing a course
  4. Teaching a course
  5. Assessing a course
  6. Consulting students
  7. Students’ evaluation

Module III
Individual Priority Setting

In Module III (80 AE) you will be able to complement your teaching competence with your individual profile and experience. We will assist you with the setting of your objective and will provide various possibilities for your Module-III Paper. E.g., you can:

  • implement and conduct an experimental course;
  • work on a different curriculum or modify the very structural conditions of the teaching;
  • work on questions immediately linked with your teaching experience;
  • create a teaching and learning portfolio, etc.