Würth Prize for Literature

The Würth Prize for Literature is announced each year in November/December at the end of the Tubingen Poetics Lectureship. The topic is selected by the invited lecturer and they present the topic in their last lecture of the series. Participation is not limited to the immediate audience – it is open to any authors that wish to engage productively and literarily with the topic.

The Würth Prize for Literature and the Tübingen Poetic Lectureship have existed since 1996 and both are projects supported by the Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

You can find the current prize announcement here.

The prize is awarded to texts that find unique ways to use language.

The total prize money for the Würth Prize for Literature is 7,500 Euros, and the jury can divide this prize between one and three winners as they see fit.

The winning texts are published in an anthology (Swiridoff-Verlag, Künzelsau). ) each year along with a selection of other excellent submissions from that year. By submitting their works, authors give the publisher the express permission to include their works in the anthology. Copyrights remain in the author’s possession.

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