Information regarding a new type of Corona virus (COVID-19)

The new type of Coronavirus has reached Baden-Württemberg. The University of Tübingen is in contact with the local health authorities and will keep you informed on current developments regarding the University on this webpage. 

 Emergency measures against the spread of the corona virus: The University of Tübingen has suspended all events on site as well as university examinations until 19 April. Refectories, cafeterias and libraries are closed. With immediate effect, a general ban on entering the premises applies to all persons who have stayed in the last 14 days in the risk areas abroad or in particularly affected regions in Germany, as defined by the Robert Koch Institute, who have had contact with an infected person or who show symptoms of respiratory infection or increased temperature. Persons who are not members of the University may only enter the university for urgent reasons of official business. 

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Disinfection of the workplace in case of illness

Send home employees with symptoms of illness such as cough, cold or fever

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Labor law information

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has published a webpage with FAQs on general labor law: Coronavirus: Arbeitsrechtliche Auswirkungen (in German only)

Special regulations applying to the University of Tübingen will be announced by the President's Office via circular mail.

Advisory services

Tübingen Health Office: Advice for travellers returning from risk areas or people who have had contacts with corona virus infections

If you have returned froma a risk area or have had contact with someone fallen ill from the corona virus, you should seek advice from the Tübingen Health Office:

Hotline:  07071/207-3600, Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm 

https://www.kreis-tuebingen.de/Abteilung+33+_+health.html  (in German only)

 Please note:

  • Avoid unnecessary direct social contacts, if possible.
  • Please follow the most important hygiene advice!
  • Work from home, if possible. Please consult your superiors. 

Hotline – State Health Office of Baden-Württemberg

The State Health Office of Baden-Württemberg has set up a hotline for questions on the new type of corona virus. Inquiries can be made by phone on workdays from 9am to 4pm,  +49 711/904-39555.

Advice for all symptoms of illness with or without fever

  • Avoid unnecessary direct social contacts, if possible.
  • Please follow the most important hygiene advice!

Consult your doctor

Employees and students who develop symptoms such as fever or respiratory problems should stay at home and consult their doctor immediately. This also applies if you have had no contact with returnees from risk areas or COVID-19 sufferers. It is important that you announce your visit to the doctor's office/hospital in advance by telephone. 

The regulations for absences due to illness still apply unchanged. As of now, patients with mild diseases of the upper respiratory tract can obtain an certificate for incapacity to work (Bescheinigung der Arbeitsunfähigkeit, AU) for a maximum of two weeks from their doctor after a consultation by telephone. You do not have to visit the doctor's office to get the certificate.

University Medical Clinic

Phone number  07071 29-82711 or 29-82712, further information on https://www.medizin.uni-tuebingen.de/de/hinweise-corona-virus (in German only)

University medical service

The University medical service is also available for advice:  +49 7071 29-87092, daily 8.30am to 1.30pm. 

Psychological counseling in stressful situations in the corona crisis

In stressful situations and conflicts in the corona crisis, the Psychosocial Counseling Service for employees can offer advice. Until further notice, this service is provided exclusively by telephone. You can reach the counseling service Mon to Fri from 9:00-12:00, Tel. 07071-2977563. In addition, you can make appointments at any time via the counseling service's e-mail address: karla.polen-beerspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.