Corona virus: Information for students

On this page you will find the most recent information about how this will affect your studies, sorted by topic. It is indicated seperately for each issue when the corresponding information was last updated.

A semester under unusual conditions

Will the summer semester 2020 take place in digital form?

Students shall not experience any disadvantages in their studies, even if the summer semester 2020 can only take place in a reduced online form.

On 14 May, the Senate of the University decided that teaching in the summer semester 2020 will be online only. On-campus classes are suspended until 30 September. A few exceptions may be possible (see under Lectures and classes, e.g. regarding lab courses and certain examinations).

The University has developed regulations in order to prevent any disadvantages for students that might occur due to a reduced semester schedule. The situation shall not have negative consequences for deadlines regarding e.g. orientation examinations, intermediate examinations, or a maximum number of study semesters. Please have a look under "Examinations" and "Leave of Absence" for details.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

Where can I find digital e-learning offers?

Your lecturers have prepared online formats for classes in the summer semester 2020 as fas as possible. You can find instructions regarding these digital classes on the Alma portal. If you have any questions, please ask your lecturers and departments directly; they will be able to give you details. Please also speak with your lecturers if you have difficulties with technology or equipment.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

For how long will on-campus events (lectures, seminars etc.) be suspended?

All on-campus events (lectures, courses, block seminars, laboratory exercises, language courses, advanced training, university sports) at the University of Tübingen are currently suspended until 30 September.

There are certain exceptions for laboratory courses and other practical exercises.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

Which services does the University Library currently provide?

As announced via e-mail on 30 April, the University of Tübingen is phasing back in some of the suspended activities on campus, including a cautious and initially limited opening of the libraries. The University Library was reopened on Monday, 04 May. Opening hours will be restricted to Mon. - Fri. from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. At this stage, only pre-registered members of the University (students, academic staff and other employees) will be admitted. You can find the current time slots here: https://ub.uni-tuebingen.de

The library also provides a comprehensive digital selection of e-books; in some cases, books can be ordered. The current state of library services and contact information can be found at: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/174636

(as of 18 May, 2020)

I have started my studies in the summer semester 2020. How can I orient myself at the university?

The University of Tübingen has created special formats for you as new students to make life easier while starting your studies in the current unusual situation. We have set up a website providing information on orientation and on how to set up a timetable. We explain how the University works and which steps you need to take to get off to a good start with your studies: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/study/organizing-your-studies/orientation/

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Your subject advisors and the Student Counseling Service are there to help you get oriented. For questions regarding your classes, please contact the responsible member of teaching staff. 

(as of 14 April, 2020)

Will the winter semester 2020/21 take place as planned?

Will the winter semester 2020/21 take place as planned?

The start of lectures for the winter semester 2020/21 has been postponed by two weeks. Lectures are scheduled to begin on 02 November. For all first semester students who start their studies in the winter semester 2020/21, the orientation week(s) will probably take place as early as 19 October (presumably mainly in digital form). The university expects that the winter semester 2020/21 will also still start with digital courses. As soon as there are steps towards a return to on-campus teaching, the University will inform you in good time.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

Lectures and classes

What are the attendance requirements for online courses?

Digital courses can be held either in asynchronous mode (i.e. pre-produced), or in synchronous mode ("live" in real time). Lecturers choose a teaching method that is suitable for the content and goals of their course. They should take into account the special challenges that this semester presents to the students, for example, that students may not always have a good internet connection. Especially in the case of synchronous courses, it should be possible to catch up on the material from a missed online session elsewhere.

As a rule, there will be no obligation to be present online at a certain time. Only in exceptional cases in specific courses may it be necessary for students to be online synchronously. However, these exceptions should only be considered if the students cannot acquire the relevant competences by other means, i.e. without being present live.

Here, as elsewhere, the following applies: If a student cannot attend for special reasons and circumstances for which he/she is not responsible, he/she should not suffer any disadvantages. Students are kindly requested to contact the deans of studies of their subjects for questions and assistance.

Satzung zur Erweiterung aller Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen zum Umgang mit der Corona-Pandemie (Extended regulations for examinations, in German)

(as of 18 May, 2020)

Some notes about privacy in digital courses

In the run-up to digital courses, teachers are asked to inform the participating students about the software that will be used.

There are special notes on privacy in the context of videoconferencing tools. Among other things, it is pointed out that Zoom offers the possibility to participate anonymously via the browser.

(as of 24 April, 2020)

Are lab courses and other practical exercises possible?

According to a decision by the state government, classes that contain practical exercises as an integral component can be held again, provided that strict safety measures are in place. The University has decided on a set of mandatory safety standards.

You can find information on safety standards regarding laboratory courses at the Faculty of Science on this info page.

(There are also additional course-specific safety regulations.)

(as of 18 May, 2020)

Will cancelled classes/lectures be made up for at a later date?

Courses that are cancelled up to 20 April / 03 May can generally not be made up for later. Only in some cases do(es) the person(s) responsible expressly offer dates for making up for cancelled courses. Currently, we cannot foresee whether or when this will be the case. Some of the courses will be in digital format.

(as of 22 April, 2020)

Are classes/lectures recognized that have been discontinued due to emergency operation?

For classes/lectures that have already begun and are now being discontinued, it is examined on a case-by-case basis if and to what extent they can be recognized.

(as of 31 March, 2020)

Will field trips take place?

There will be no field trips until further notice.

(as of 18 May, 2020)

Can I do an internship?

The decision as to whether internships with external parties are to go ahead lies with the respective external parties and the interns. Please pay attention also to the general information regarding risk areas and at-risk persons.

(as of 31 March, 2020)


General note

The university has developed a set of general regulations for examinations in the current situation. All teaching staff is required to abide by these regulations.

Satzung zur Erweiterung aller Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen zum Umgang mit der Corona-Pandemie (Extended regulations for examinations, in German)

(as of 05 May, 2020)

Which tools may be used for online examinations?

Examinations at the University of Tübingen may be held using the learning platforms ILIAS and Moodle, as well as DFNconf. Jitsi may also be used for examinations under the condition that all participants are either connected directly to the university network, or else dial in from home via a secure VPN connection.

(as of 05 May, 2020)

Are there specific regulations for digital examinations?

The University has decided on special regulations for digital examinations. They apply to both students and teaching staff. You can find more detail about these regulations here (including topics like fairness, tools, privacy, examination formats etc.)

https://www.elp.uni-tuebingen.de/pruefungen (in German)

(as of 18 May, 2020)

On-campus examinations are possible again from May 2020

On-campus examinations are generally permitted again from May 2020, if certain conditions are met. The university has established safety regulations for this purpose. The main conditions are summarized below. Detailed information on the preparation, implementation and other aspects of examination regulations will be communicated to students / examinees by the lecturers / examination office prior to the examination.

Regarding infection protection:

For the purpose of infection protection, the necessary safety regulations must be observed. This includes a distance of 2 metres, the current prohibition of entry for infected persons, as well as further measures for infection protection such as wearing a face mask when entering the building and the examination room (the mask can be taken off during the examination).

Regarding preparation:

The lead time for the announcement of postponed examinations should be four and must be at least two weeks. In the run-up to the exams, students will be informed about measures to prevent infection, about the course of the exams, and about extended possibilities for withdrawal.

Students with immune disorders, who are considered a risk group for a serious course of disease, are recommended to make use of the option to withdraw from the examination. Please contact the examiners for appropriate individual solutions.

General information:

  • Examinations will be held according to the relevant examination regulations.
  • Examinees have a right to participate in the examination ("Prüfungsanspruch").
  • Withdrawal will be possible up until the beginning of the examination.
  • According to current medical knowledge, pregnant women do not have a higher risk than the general population.
  • Withdrawals in the summer semester 2020 shall not result in disadvantages for students with regard to deadlines.

Specific regulations:

(as of 08 May, 2020)

Are cancelled examinations made up for?

Examinations that had to be cancelled at the end of the winter semester 2019/20 are currently being carried out.

No matter whether you are taking part in these catch-up examinations: You will not suffer any disadvantages with regard to the observance of deadlines as a result of examinations having been cancelled since March 2020.

Information about how examinations can be held in the current situation are found on this page under the heading "Examinations are possible again from May 2020".

If you have any questions, please contact the Central Examination Office of the University or the examination offices of the faculties (Medicine, Law, Pharmacy).

(as of 22 May, 2020)

Is the deadline for the submission of written examinations (term papers, minutes, final papers, theses) postponed?

The university has determined that the deadlines for the submission of written examination papers are to be adjusted to the respective restrictions prescribed, so that no disadvantages may arise from the measures taken in the current exceptional situation.

Due to the very different conditions in the individual subjects (experimental, empirical, literature-based work, etc.), the concrete arrangements for this are made by the individual faculties or departments/institutes (e.g. deadlines for literature-based work must be extended at least for the duration of the closure of the University Library, or the closure of the University Library must be considered accordingly).

Information by the Faculties:

(as of 18 May, 2020)

What happens if my time as a student is prolonged due to the currently suspended examinations?

A recent amendment to the Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Act stipulates that for students enrolled in a course of study in the summer semester 2020, the deadlines for the completion of semester-related study and examination work will be extended by one semester. The university had already issued a corresponding regulation. The options for taking a semester of leave of absence have also been extended. This ensures that any disadvantages that may arise are compensated for in the best possible way.

For external purposes, if required, a confirmation can be issued clarifying the period during which it was not possible to take examinations or the like. At present, please refer such external institutions to the university website.

The Federal Minister of Education has issued a decree clarifying that BAföG funding will continue to be granted to the same extent as before: "If schools or universities are closed due to the pandemic and teaching or lectures have to be cancelled as a result, BAföG will continue to be paid. BAföG-supported students should not suffer any disadvantages due to the corona pandemic."

(as of 22 May, 2020)

Transition Bachelor / Master / Finishing my studies

I want to apply for a Master's degree and I am now missing some results due to the postponed exams - how do I proceed?

First of all, please note that the application deadlines for Master's programmes have been maintained. Therefore, please apply anyway, even if you do not have any credits from the period since March 2020, and indicate in your application, as a supplement to the transcript, which examinations or deadlines you would have had for seminar papers or final papers with how many ECTS in the period from 16 March onwards due to the corona crisis. This will be taken into account when setting the deadline for the subsequent submission of your Bachelor's degree – taking into account the dates for the catch-up examinations or according to the deadline extensions for the submission of term papers and final papers.

(as of 31 March, 2020; reformulated 22 May 2020)

Re-enrolment, tuition fees etc.

I would like to withdraw my re-enrolment for the summer semester. Can I get a refund of my fees and contributions?

At present, a refund of the fees and contribution after the beginning of the semester is possible according to the following regulations: 

  • Contribution to administrative costs (70 €) and student union (VS) contribution (3.50 €) in case of exmatriculation up to one month after the start of lectures (i.e. currently up to 20 May 2020)
  • Studierendenwerk contribution and naldo (public transport) solidarity contribution (84.80 €) until two weeks after the start of the semester (i.e. fixed 14 April 2020)
  • Tuition fees (international: 1,500 €; second degree: 650 €) can also be refunded on exmatriculation up to one month after the start of lectures. 

(as of 28 April, 2020)

Can tuition fees for international students be refunded?

On 24 April 2020, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science announced that the universities should provide options to apply for a deferral or waiver of tuition fees based on the current situation, in order to prevent undue hardship for students who find themselves in financial difficulties because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you consider this option, please contact studiengebuehrenspam prevention@zv.uni-tuebingen.de via e-mail.

A refund of tuition fees based on a semester of leave of absence was only possible before the official semester start (which was 20 April); cf. § 6 Abs. 2 Nr.1 LHGebG. Applications handed in after that date cannot lead to a refund.

Please note that all applications that result in a refund of tuition fees (including applications for leave of absence, deferral or waiver) will be processed as quickly as possible. However, due to the expected high number of such applications, please be prepared that this may take some time.

(as of 28 May, 2020)

How do I currently get the update of the semester imprint on my student ID?

After you have re-enrolled, you can update the semester imprint on your student card (chip card) at the self-service terminals. Currently self-service terminals are only accessible at these locations: Student Administration (Studierendensekretariat), Wilhelmstraße 11, ground floor (accessible Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm - not on holidays during the working week) and in the Morgenstelle lecture hall building (Hörsaalzentrum) (accessible during the building opening hours). Please keep a distance of 2 meters if queues form in front of the terminals. 

All further information and applications for student ID cards can be found here: https://uni-tuebingen.de/de/949 (in German only)

(as of 31 March, 2020)

Can I take a semester of leave of absence because of the corona pandemic?

On 14 May, the Senate of the University decided that students who are on leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 due to the corona pandemic are allowed to take exams (but do not have to take any). This also applies to study credits acquired online. Students on leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 may, by way of exception, participate in all courses that are offered in digital form and for which there is no limit on the number of participants. The university library and the services of the computer centres can also be used.

Due to the current exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic, the University of Tübingen has extended the deadline for applying for a semester of leave of absence up to and including 31 May 2020 (receipt of the application by post or scan: completely filled out and signed to studierendensekretariatspam prevention@zv.uni-tuebingen.de). To justify your request, it is sufficient to enter the keyword "Corona" on the application (https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/848) under "other reasons" and to note a keyword for your personal reasons. The university does not require any special proof.

The Faculty of Law notes that students who have already taken exams this semester cannot undo their participation in retrospect.

One note regarding BAföG: It has not yet been confirmed whether students on leave of absence can receive BAföG funding this semester while also having a right to take exams. The answer may also be relevant for some scholarship grants. So please also think about your financial situation if you are considering a semester of leave of absence.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

Social and financial issues

How will the situation affect my BAföG funding?

The Federal Minister of Education has issued a decree clarifying that BAföG funding will continue to be granted to the same extent as before: "If schools or universities are closed due to the pandemic and teaching or lectures have to be cancelled as a result, BAföG will continue to be paid. BAföG-supported students should not suffer any disadvantages due to the corona pandemic."

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung: https://en.my-stuwe.de/bafoeg/

You can find more information about the services of the Studierendenwerk here: www.my-stuwe.de/unternehmen/coronavirus/ (in German only)

(as of 31 March, 2020)

Are there any support programs for students in financial difficulties?

In order to help students that are experiencing financial difficulties due to the corona crisis, the Studierendenwerk has decided to provide special Corona Loans. More information: https://www.my-stuwe.de/studienfinanzierung/corona-darlehen/ (in German)

The Studierendenwerk also provides information about the Baden-Württemberg emergency aid fund for students, which was established for quick financial support during April and May.

The Corona Loan in a nutshell:

  • The loan is intended to cover only necessary personal expenses in direct connection with your studies.
  • Every student can apply for a loan of max. 1.200 € (no personal guarantees necessary).
  • The loan is free of interest.
  • A loan of 400 € or less can be repaid within 24 months, a loan of more than 400 € can be repaid within 36 months.
  • Repayment of the loan must begin within 12 months.
  • An administration fee is not charged.

For more information, you can contact Ana Schmidt. Please do so BEFORE applying.

Please note that personal consulting / advice and the relevant application forms are available in German only.

You can apply for the Corona Loan in writing or via e-mail here:

Studierenden­werk Tübingen-Hohenheim
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Amt für Ausbildungs­förderung
Postfach 25 05
72715 Reutlingen
darlehenspam prevention@sw-tuebingen-hohenheim.de

What else can I do if I happen to get into financial difficulties?

You can find information about student loans, housing benefits, and other options for financial support here: https://en.my-stuwe.de/funding-loans/

In case you lost your side job because of the corona crisis and are looking for new opportunities to earn some money, the following links might be helpful:

(as of 31 March, 2020)

How will the situation affect social services around the campus (housing, child care etc.)?

You can find more information about the services of the Studierendenwerk here: www.my-stuwe.de/unternehmen/coronavirus/ (in German only)

(as of 31 March, 2020)

Support and advice

How can I get advice on administrative matters concerning my studies (enrolment certificate, de-registration, etc.)?

The Student Affairs Office, the Central Examinations Office and the Student Counseling Service continue to offer their usual services. Unfortunately there are no open office hours until further notice. Advice is available by telephone and email (and possibly by video chat). For further information see https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/120409.

(as of 26 May, 2020)

Where can I get advice and support with regard to, e.g., organising my studies, problems, insecurities etc.?

Advice and support with regard to the organisation of your studies, dealing with insecurities, and all other issues that may come up during the semester is of course still available, for instance at the Student Counseling Service (ZSB) and other consulting and service facilities of the university. You can find an overview here: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/study/advice-and-info/

(as of 31 March, 2020)

How can I organize my daily study routine during the corona crisis?

In order to help you develop a productive daily routine for studying during the corona crisis, the Student Counseling Service has collected some hints and ideas (in German), e.g. with regard to:

  • Structuring your day
  • Breaks
  • Workplace and setting
  • Motivating yourself
  • Social contacts
  • Mental strength

You can find further digital offers here, regarding e.g. time management and preparation for exams: https://uni-tuebingen.de/de/2147 (in German).

Medical information

I have just returned from abroad, had contact with an infected person, or am already experiencing symptoms. What should I do? Who should I turn to?

You can find answers and advice with regard to these and other medical questions here: