Corona virus: Information for students

On this page you will find the most recent information about how this will affect your studies, sorted by topic. It is indicated seperately for each issue when the corresponding information was last updated.

Classroom teaching in the winter semester 2022/23

Due to the changed pandemic situation, the University of Tübingen has already returned to face-to-face teaching in the summer semester. We want to continue on this course in the coming winter semester, so that the majority of lectures and classes can once again take place on campus. Online courses will be regarded as an exception.

Starting with the winter semester 2022/23, the university's Corona hygiene concept is once again in effect. With the new SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety ordinance (Arbeitsschutzverordnung, in effect since 01 October, 2022), the University is obliged to have such a concept available again. According to the current version, employees and teaching staff are again required to wear a medical mask or face mask whenever a minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. In rooms used by several employees, 10 square meters should be available per person.

For students, wearing a medical mask or face mask (FFP2 or comparable) and maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is recommended. The minimum distance recommendation may be waived if face-to-face attendance would otherwise be limited due to room capacity constraints.

The difference in requirements is due to the fact that the measures for employees are specified in the federal SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety and health ordinance. The state's Corona regulations, on the other hand, do not include special requirements for the university sector. However, for students who are employed at the university, e.g. as student assistants, the hygiene concept for employees does apply during their working hours.

Regulations in the Faculty of Medicine

Special regulations apply to students in the medical degree programs. More detailed information can be found directly on the web pages of the Faculty of Medicine: https://www.medizin.uni-tuebingen.de/de/medizinische-fakultaet/studium-und-lehre/corona_lehre

Vulnerable groups

Individual solutions will be arranged for students who belong to the vulnerable groups and who may not be able to participate in face-to-face classes, or only to a limited extent. If you belong to a vulnerable group, e.g. due to pre-existing conditions or pregnancy, please contact your teaching staff in order to find a mutually agreeable solution that takes into account your need for protection and, at the same time, the requirements of classroom teaching and operational procedures. In addition, the university's occupational health service can also provide advice and support on this topic if necessary.

Testing stations in Tübingen

It is also still possible to get yourself tested at various testing stations in Tübingen. More information can be found here:

(as of 17 October, 2022)

Study-related information

What happens if my time as a student is prolonged due to the Corona pandemic? / Extension of maximum deadlines for examinations

An amendment to the Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Act stipulates that for students that are/were enrolled in a degree program in the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021, or the winter semester 2021/22, the deadlines for the completion of semester-related study and examination work will be extended by one semester for each of these semesters. This extension of examination deadlines is limited to a total of three semesters per person.

The extension of deadlines also applies to repeat examinations, for maximum deadlines for graduation, and for BAföG funding. However, students are not entitled to additional examination dates. That is, the regular schedules apply. This means that some deadlines will be extended until the next possible exam date.

(as of 05 November, 2021)

BAföG funding

In order that students may not suffer any severe disadvantages due to the corona pandemic, the standard period of study has been extended. This regulation is important because the standard period of study is generally used as the basis for the maximum duration of BAföG funding. For all students that are/were enrolled in a degree program in the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021, or the winter semester 2021/22, the standard period of study will be calculated individually, with extension by one semester for each of the aforementioned semesters during which the person is/was enrolled.

Further informationen under § 29 LHG:

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung: https://en.my-stuwe.de/bafoeg/

(as of 04 April, 2022)

Information and advice

All of the university's advisory services will be available to you in the summer semester 2021. Most services have returned to offering face-to-face consultation. Usually, contact is also possible via phone, e-mail, and/or video call. Please inform yourself directly on the respective websites of the university's advisory services, which are linked on the overview page "Information and advice".

You can find additional offers on the website "Support in the pandemic".

(as of 04 April, 2022)

Medical information

Information about COVID-19 vaccinations

General information on COVID-19 vaccinations can be found on https://www.infektionsschutz.de/coronavirus/schutzimpfung.html and, in relation to the mRNA vaccine used, on https://www.infektionsschutz.de/coronavirus/schutzimpfung/impfstoffe-gegen-covid-19.html#c15449 and https://www.infektionsschutz.de/coronavirus/fragen-und-antworten/alles-zu-den-impfstoffen/impfstofftypen.html#faq4558. You will receive detailed information on the vaccine used by e-mail with the appointment confirmation.

If you have any specific questions about the COVID-19 vaccination, you are welcome to make an appointment in advance for a consultation at the university medical service by calling 07071 29 87092 or by sending an e-mail to ambulanz.arbeitsmedizinspam prevention@med.uni-tuebingen.de.

Vaccination offer for vulnerable groups

The University Medical Service will offer COVID-19 vaccinations for employees and students in the outpatient clinic in Wilhelmstraße 27 again this fall.

Based on the current STIKO recommendations (as of 22 September, 2022), a booster vaccination ("4th vaccination") will probably be indicated for a few individuals only. A fourth vaccination is recommended for the following groups of persons if the last immunological event (proven COVID-19 infection or 3rd vaccination) is at least 6 months past:

  • persons aged 60 years and older
  • individuals with preexisting conditions incl. immunodeficiency aged 5 years and older

Online appointment scheduling will be available from 01 October, 2022 at: https://www.medizin.uni-tuebingen.de/de/das-klinikum/einrichtungen/institute/arbeitsmedizin-sozialmedizin-und-versorgungsforschung/betriebsaerztliche-dienstleistungen

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: The Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz) §22a regulates who is considered to have basic immunization. Starting from 01 October, 2022, basic immunization will consist of 3 instead of 2 corona vaccinations!

(as of 05 October, 2022)

Information for students from abroad (incomings)