Corona virus: Reduced mode of operation

Infrastructure, regular operations and university administration remain in operation

All infrastructure and regular operations, as well as the university administration, remain in operation.

In-class teaching remains suspended until the end of the winter semester 20/21

In order to give all University members planning security, the President’s Office has decided on December 2 to suspend classroom teaching until the end of the winter semester. Courses must therefore be offered online. Exceptions are only permissible if classroom teaching is absolutely necessary to ensure a successful and orderly course of study in the winter semester. Classroom teaching is only permitted if the course content cannot be taught using electronic information and communication systems.

Typical face-to-face teaching formats such as laboratory practicals, dissection courses and similar will continue. Examinations as well as preparation for examinations can also continue to be conducted in person.

E-mail on study and teaching in the winter semester (Dec. 2)
E-mail on further restrictions for study and teaching (Dec. 16)

Summer semester 2021: Courses mainly planned as online events

For the summer semester, the university management requests to plan mainly online events. If the pandemic situation permits, it should be possible to hold some in-person classes. These will be scheduled for 90 minutes of attendance, starting “cum tempore” (usually quarter past the hour) and vacating the room 30 minutes before the start of the next class. The faculties will regulate which classes can take place in person. Classes in centrally administered rooms are always approved by the Dean's Office. Special consideration should be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd semesters of undergraduate courses, events for exchange students, and special interactive formats for higher semesters. 

In order to avoid larger gatherings (especially en route to classes, e.g. on public transport), in-person events may not exceed 40 participants. In individual cases, justified exceptions may be made if the laws to combat the Coronavirus permit and the rooms are available. 

In total, the University plans to offer a maximum of 20 percent of all classes in person. Lecture halls will be allocated to the faculties for this purpose according to a fixed distribution plan.

E-mail on teaching plans for summer semester 2021 

Lecture period for the 2021 summer semester postponed by one week

The lecture period in the 2021 summer semester will start on 19 April, one week later than in previous years. The end of the lecture period will also be postponed by one week, to 31 July, 2021, and there will be no lectures in the week of Pentecost from 24 to 28 May, 2021.

Libraries and archives closed until further notice - Borrowing and returning media is possible

Under the new directives, libraries and archives will generally remain closed until further notice. Thus, the libraries will still not be available as places of study. However, it is now possible to borrow and return media on site again. Even though the University Library will close the workplaces in the Ammerbau, books from the open access area will be available for order via the catalog. To avoid queues, access will be controlled by the library’s traffic light system. More details can be found on the University Library website.

The respective procedures for borrowing and returning items may vary by library. Please make sure to check the homepages of the individual libraries for opening hours and the modalities of borrowing and returning items before visiting one of the decentralized libraries.

The University Library has expanded its electronic services and has compiled information on frequently asked questions: https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/174636

Visitor data must be recorded in all areas where studies are conducted.

The current Coronavirus directive from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts stipulates that visitor data must be recorded in all areas where studies are conducted. This concerns not only classrooms and libraries but also facilities such as Student Administration, examination offices and student advisory services

Refectories closed, cafeterias with offers to go

According to Student Services, four cafeterias on campus will remain open and offer snacks and drinks to take away. The cafeteria in the Morgenstelle Lecture Center also offers a daily hot meal. Student Services provides information about the details on its website.

Ban on entering the premises for certain categories of people

According to the corona regulation for study and teaching, only university members may enter the buildings of the university from now on. The entry ban does not apply to libraries. All persons who have to enter the university for urgent business reasons, for example members of external companies, are also excluded from the entry ban.

The entry ban also applies to persons

  • who have had contact with an infected person within the last 10 days or are currently in contact (contact also means a patient-related activity without adequate protective equipment (i.e. at least FFP2 mask, protective gown, gloves, protective glasses/visor).
  • who in the last 48 hours or currently show symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or a temperature (impaired sense of smell/taste, fever, cough, runny or congested nose, or sore throat)

For further information please refer to the University's hygiene concept.

Compulsory wearing of medical masks

The wearing of a medical face mask ("surgical mask") or mask with a higher protection standard (e.g. FFP2, KN95, N95) is now mandatory for all those present at the university, due to the state's Coronavirus ordinance.

A scarf or simple cloth covering for the mouth and nose will no longer be permissible when you are inside or in front of University buildings. 

Students are asked to use their own medical masks for this purpose. Employees may use their own medical masks or those provided by the university. 

Further information on how to protect yourself and others

General University sports: On-campus program temporarily suspended

Due to the current developments, the university sports team will suspend its general course program on campus until further notice.

In addition, the weight and fitness center is closed until further notice. However, the reopening of the weight and fitness center can be realized independently of the university sports program in accordance with the currently valid federal and state regulations.

The university sports team provides a wide range of online offers to all sports enthusiasts.

Museum and botanical garden remain closed

The museum and the botanical garden of the university remain closed to the public until further notice.