Covid-19 vaccinations continue

Circular to all employees and students

Dear colleagues,
Dear students,

The temporary vaccination center in the Old Archaeology building will close next Sunday. The damages by the storms of June 23 have now been repaired to such an extent that the Central Vaccination Center can resume its regular operations in the Paul Horn Arena. Accordingly, the bulk of first and second vaccinations of employees and students will take place there again starting July 12.

This does not apply to employees and students who have been vaccinated in recent weeks by the university medical service on the premises of the Institute of Occupational Medicine (Arbeitsmedizin, Wilhelmstraße 27). Members of this group will continue to receive their second vaccination on the premises of the university medical service.

At the end of this week, the university will suspend the allocation of vaccination appointments on its own for the time being. Instead, appointments for initial vaccinations can be made via the homepage of the Central Vaccination Center until further notice. Here, appointments are currently (07.07.2021) still available, even at short notice. https://www.tuebingen-impfzentrum.de/

If you have medical questions, for example about the tolerability of the vaccination or possible side effects, please contact your doctor or the university medical service. You can also find a comprehensive range of information with numerous questions and answers on Covid vaccination on the Robert Koch Institute’s homepage. https://www.rki.de/SharedDocs/FAQ/COVID-Impfen/gesamt.html (German only)

Please find additional information on Covid-19 vaccination on a dedicated WHO website: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/covid-19-vaccines/advice

Best regards,
Dr. Karl G. Rijkhoek
(Public Relations Department)