Coronavirus: New rules for universities

Circular to all employees and students

Dear students and colleagues,

On Wednesday, the Bundestag passed a new infection prevention law which will affect the University of Tübingen. Under the letter of the law, institutions of higher education may no longer offer on-campus classes if they are in an area with a 7-day incidence of more than 165 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The district of Tübingen, which is the relevant region for us, has had a higher incidence for several days.

Just how the law is applied - and how it affects our operations in detail - is, however, determined by the state of Baden-Württemberg provisions on the law’s implementation. These provisions are not yet available. Therefore, I request all teaching staff to not yet cancel on-campus classes planned for the coming week; instead, please await further developments. We will provide you with the necessary information as soon as the directives are clear.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler