Coronavirus: Schools and child care

Circular to all employees (except Faculty of Medicine)

Dear colleagues,

As you will have gathered from the media, all schools and childcare facilities in Baden-Württemberg will remain closed. It is currently unclear when these facilities will fully reopen, this will likely depend largely on the further development of the infection numbers.

As outlined in the December 23 circular, most employees currently have the option of working from home on a case-by-case basis or alternating telework based on existing service agreements. According to the state government, the presence of employees at the workplace is to be reduced to the absolute minimum. Thus, permission to work from home will continue to be granted wherever possible. Employees must address the respective requests (always for up to four weeks, in accordance with our service agreement) to their supervisors using the form provided and coordinate with their supervisor; the form must then be forwarded to Human Resources for documentation. This can be done by mail or electronically, the latter case by scanning or photographing the signed form and sending it to supervisors and from there to Human Resources.

Employees responsible for caring for children or other family members continue to have various options available to them. Please refer to the details explained in our circular of December 23, which you can also find on the university homepage. A new aspect is that the Bundestag has decided to double the number of sick days for children for this year for those with statutory health insurance, i.e. 20 days per parent instead of 10, and 40 days for single parents. It is planned to bring this regulation into effect retroactively as of January 5, .2021. However, the Bundesrat still has to discuss it first. We will inform you as soon as this regulation is in effect. Whether and in what way the state government will adopt this for the “Beamte” civil servants is also still unclear and remains to be seen.

The new year has begun just as the old year ended, with noticeable, even often painful restrictions for all of us. It is a time of stress, often mental stress. In previous crises, people were able to help and support each other by moving closer together. In this crisis, we need to keep a distance. The need for solidarity, however, is none the less present. In this situation, I sincerely ask you: Please also keep an eye on colleagues, family members, friends or acquaintances who need help and support in this crisis. The federal, state and local governments have been investing significant resources for months to mitigate the hardships of the pandemic, and so has the University as an employer. But we also need signs of support coming from the people around us. Only in this way will we overcome the crisis together.

Stay healthy!


Professor Dr. Bernd Engler