Events including external participants

Circular to all employees

Dear colleagues,

Many classes at the University of Tübingen are returning to regular on-campus teaching in the current winter semester. However, a large number of inquiries to the health and safety office have shown that, in addition to regular classes, members of the University would also like to once again hold on-campus events attended by external guests. These include conferences and conventions, academic workshops and University festivities.

The rules for all types of events that do not constitute a class or an examination are laid down in the general Coronavirus directive of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The directive differentiates between the basic level, the warning level and the alert level, depending on how full the state’s hospitals and intensive care units are. The current level is published by the state of Baden-Württemberg on the following website: https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/presse/pressemitteilung/pid/die-aktuellen-corona-zahlen-fuer-baden-wuerttemberg/. Since November 3, 2021, the warning level has been in effect.

Based on this, the following applies to all events:

  • Every event - including music and theater rehearsals - needs an individual hygiene concept. For this you can check the sample concept available for download on the webpage of the work safety section: https://uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/verwaltung/viii-bau-arbeitssicherheit-und-umwelt/abteilung-2/gefaehrdungsbeurteilung-nach-arbeitsschutzrecht/arbeitssicherheit-und-infektionsschutz/#c1175293 (German only)
  • The participants’ names and contact details must be recorded so that, if necessary, health authorities can carry out a follow-up. 
  •  In addition, access to the event is subject to the following conditions:  
    • In the case of the basic level, participants must be vaccinated, recovered or present a negative test result. 
    • In the case of the warning level, participants must be vaccinated, recovered or - if not vaccinated or recovered - must present a negative PCR test.
    • On the alert level, only persons who are vaccinated or have recovered may participate. 
  • Medical masks must be worn. The organizer can deviate from the mask obligation if the basic level applies nationwide and additionally all participants are vaccinated or recovered (2G). In this case, please point out the application of the 2G rule to the participants in advance, if possible during registration. In addition, the "2G" requirement must be posted as a notice at the venue. 

In addition to this, the President’s Office has stipulated the following for such events: 

  • The responsibility for compliance with state regulations and the university hygiene concept is borne by the respective organizer. 
  • The holding of academic meetings, conferences, workshops, retreats, etc. is generally approved. The same applies to festive events that are an integral part of the academic year, such as welcoming events, anniversary celebrations, and the ceremonial awarding of certificates. The above requirements of the Coronavirus directive apply.   
  • Team meetings and work meetings with no more than 20 percent external participants are generally approved, provided they are held at the University.
  • Traditional gatherings such as Advent or Christmas parties, for example, of departments or institutes, also do not have to be approved. According to the assessment of the University's Coronavirus crisis team, it is almost impossible to comply with relevant hygiene regulations for such social gatherings on university premises. I therefore request that Advent and Christmas parties be held in restaurants or outdoors.  
  • All other events must be submitted to the President’s Office for approval in advance. Please send inquiries/applications to: planungsstab.infektionsschutzspam prevention@ZV.uni-tuebingen.de   
  • The same rules apply to the utilization of event rooms as to teaching classes. The exact specifications for individual event rooms can be found in a list compiled by the buildings division:https://uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/verwaltung/viii-bau-arbeitssicherheit-und-umwelt/abteilung-2/belegung-lehrraeume/ (staff login required for Intranet access). 

Conferences, conventions and academic festivities are as much a part of University life as lectures or seminars. These events are also difficult to transfer to the virtual world without sacrificing quality. Over the past year and a half, we have all sorely missed these forms of direct exchange and encounters. I therefore wish you every success in preparing and planning academic events of all kinds.

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler