Exceptions from 2G and mask obligation

Circular to all employees and students

Dear colleagues,
 Dear students,

We had informed you on Friday that, starting today, 2G applies in the majority of classes. In addition, from today, a full check must take place in all classes to determine whether the students present have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19. In addition, a general obligation to wear masks applies. Due to new information that has become available in the meantime, I would like to clarify the following aspects again:

  • Students who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and can present a doctor's certificate to prove this still have the possibility to participate in classes after showing a negative test result. The result of a rapid test may be no older than 24 hours, a PCR test result no older than 48 hours.
  • For teaching staff, 3G continues to apply in class. In this respect, teachers are to be treated as employees for whom 3G generally applies in the workplace. This also expressly applies to assistant lecturers. Teaching staff who are not immunized, like all those working at the university, must also present a daily negative Covid test.
  • Teaching staff are exempt from the obligation to wear masks during class. They may remove the mask, provided they maintain a safe distance of three meters from all other participants.

In addition, I would like to inform you about the following recent development:

The University Hospitals and the district of Tübingen have jointly established an additional vaccination station in Hirschau, which will take up work shortly. In addition, there are other smaller vaccination stations in the vicinity of Tübingen. Please find an overview of the new vaccination stations as well as a link for registration here:

 Best regards,

 Dr. Karl G. Rijkhoek
 (Director of the Public Relations Department)