Higher standard masks required in and in front of University buildings

Circular to all students

Dear students, 
dear visitors to the University,

Despite the many protective measures in place against COVID-19, the infection figures are not falling to the extent hoped for. The University of Tübingen Presidents’ Office has therefore decided, in line with the Science Ministry’s current Coronavirus directive, to extend the compulsory wearing of masks in and outside university buildings to all persons entering the university. From now on, please enter the campus and the University buildings wearing a mask of medical standard only. This can be a simple surgical mask or a filtering mask with a higher protection standard (e.g. FFP2, KN95, N95).

A scarf or simple cloth covering for the mouth and nose will no longer be permissible when you are inside or in front of University buildings. In this, the University is following the regulations that also apply on public transportation and in the retail sector, as well as in other places. The higher standard of masks required serves to protect all persons working and studying at the University. I ask you all to strictly comply with this regulation.

Stay healthy! 

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler