In-person classes with 3G documentation

Circular to all employees and students

Dear students and colleagues,

As has been announced, the responsible state ministry has declared a return to  classroom teaching for the winter semester. Its new directive for studies,  which came into force on August 24, in-person classes are once again  considered standard. Online courses, however, remain an important part of the  curriculum. The previous capacity restrictions for in-person classes will no  longer apply, with immediate effect. Now, the following general conditions  will apply: 

As of now, a 3G certificate is mandatory for participation in all in-person  classes. For examinations or other forms of assessment, the President’s Office  may allow exceptions under certain conditions. Students and lecturers must  prove that they have either been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19,  or they must present a negative antigen test result that is no more than 24  hours old. The test must be performed under supervision or at an official  testing station - information on Tübingen testing stations may be found here:

For courses still running in the current summer semester, teachers must check  their participants' compliance with the 3G requirement at the beginning of  each course and document the result. A Covid-19 vaccination certificate on  paper or in electronic form or an official proof of recovery certificate are  appropriate documentation. Both documents can be issued by pharmacies.Teachers can find a form for documenting the 3G evidence presented for a class here: https://eworkflow.uni-tuebingen.de/form/zdv_allgemein_3g

In addition, as teachers who currently teaching in-person classes and will be  doing so until the end of the summer semester, please be sure to report to  your Dean of Studies office to provide your own 3G proof. Supervisors are  asked to communicate this requirement accordingly to staff and lecturers.

For the winter semester, the University will develop a suitable procedure that  will simplify matters using 3G random sampling - we will inform you about this in good time.

The University’s hygiene concept requirements still apply. Please wear a  medical face mask in University buildings and maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people. 

The President’s Office would like to see well over 50 percent of all courses  held on campus again in the coming winter semester. Nevertheless, we must act  with caution and will do everything possible to combine on-campus teaching  with a high level of infection control.

We ask you once again to take advantage of the existing vaccination services  whenever possible. Since August 16, the Vaccination Center has once more been  located in the Alte Archäologie building (Wilhelmstraße 9) and will be  providing Coronavirus vaccinations there until September 30. Employees and  students can continue to get vaccinated quickly and easily there. All  information including the registration link can be found at www.uni-tuebingen.de/impfen.

These current rules are valid until September 13. Even though the essential  direction will not change, further directives must take into account both what  is happening with infections as well as federal policy decisions. We will keep  you informed of any changes, and the University's hygiene concept will be  updated regularly.

Sincerely yours,
Professor Dr. Bernd Engler