Special leave due to burdens related to COVID-19

Information by the president and the staff council

Dear colleagues,

The state of Baden-Württemberg has published a new edict regulating a number of matters including the question of special leave for employees who cannot get child care. In principle, this edict extends until 29 May the regulation which was valid until 3 May - that parents with children in need of care could take special leave while retaining all or part of their regular pay and benefits. Special leave is also an option for people who have a member of a high-risk group in their family, and for employees who have to care for family members because their care home has been closed or because a full-time in house carer has been canceled due to Covid-19.

However, with regard to the principle outlined above, the edict includes a number of conditions and restrictions. With regard to administrative implementation, Human Resources and the staff council will be once more holding talks. After the conclusion of these talks, the President’s Office and the staff council will inform University members of decisions made. But affected employees may lodge applications for special leave now.

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler                     
(President and Vice-Chancellor)

Margrit Paal
(Head of staff council)