Vaccination for employees is approaching

Circular to all employees (except Medicine)

Dear colleagues,

The Coronavirus pandemic has now been going on for more than a year. From conversations with employees, I know that many are losing strength after this long period of extraordinary stress. However, there are now signs that the end of the crisis is approaching. The central instrument in the fight against Covid-19 is vaccination.

The University management is holding talks with responsible parties at the local and state levels to enable the vaccination of university employees as soon as possible. A return to normal life University will only be possible in the coming months if as many employees and students as possible receive a full vaccination against Covid-19. There are now initial signals that from mid-May, a significant proportion of employees, or even all employees, could be given the right to register for the vaccination.

We expect to provide you with details by email early next week. Until then, I ask you to refrain from any inquiries to the University's Human Resources Division.

I am confident that a real breakthrough in dealing with the pandemic is within reach. With a complete vaccination of all university employees, many of the freedoms of everyday life can return, followed by life on campus and the many meetings in research and teaching that you have all had to do without for a long time.

We will see this through. Stay healthy!

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler