Welcome to the summer semester

Prsident's circular to all employees and students

Dear colleagues,
dear students,

Welcome to the start of the summer semester 2021! We wish you much success, health, interesting encounters and stimulation. The start of the lecture period continues to challenge us as we want to ensure the best possible academic program in times of the Corona pandemic. Despite the difficult conditions of the third wave, the University is aiming to venture towards a little more on-site teaching again. In doing so, we are particularly focusing on students in their first semesters, for whom it is essential to familiarize themselves with the “university as a place of teaching and learning" and to gain a foothold in a new phase of their lives.


The 2021 summer semester will also predominantly be a digital semester. According to a current survey, a very small part of the courses will take place in presence (time grid 90 minutes presence / 30 minutes break, starting "cum tempore"). In order to avoid larger gatherings (especially in passageways), it has been determined that these courses should bei limited to 40 participants each.

The faculties have decided which of their courses take place in presence under the conditions of the hygiene concept. The prerequisite is that these classes are mandatory for the course of study and cannot be held in a digital format. Practical courses that require special laboratories and work rooms or sports facilities, as well as courses with predominantly practical teaching components, can take place under the same conditions as in the previous winter semester.


The Clubhaus cafeteria will now offer a hot take-out lunch every day. The Studierendenwerk will reopen the University Library cafeteria in Wilhelmstraße (daily 11 am-1 pm) for to-go consumption starting April 26, while the Neuphilologicum cafeteria (Brechtbau building of the humanities) will be closed indefinitely from April 24. On the Morgenstelle campus, the Morgenstelle cafeteria will reopen on May 3 with a daily offer of lunch meals; in the Hörsaalzentrum cafeteria only the vending machines will be in operation in future. Further information and contact: https://www.my-stuwe.de/cafeteria/hochschulgastronomie/

Hygiene measures and further openings

The University of Tübingen is currently negotiating further opening steps, possibly in combination with the "Tübingen Model". The outcome of these talks is still open and depends on the further development of the pandemic. We will keep you informed about measures and news on this topic on https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/university/information-on-the-corona-virus/.

Enrollment for the summer semester at the University of Tübingen continues unabated – this is welcome news. Be assured that we strive to ensure good conditions for studying, teaching and research. Thank you very much to all those who, by prudent planning and personal commitment, have contributed to keeping up the spirit of our university community in spite of all adversities. My thanks go to all members of the university. At the same time, I cannot avoid to emphasize the importance of adhering to the hygiene rules, wearing face masks on campus and in university buildings, and keeping a distance. More than ever, it is important that we all behave responsibly, even in our private lives. Stay healthy!

With best regards,

Professor Dr. Bernd Engler