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Seeing on the Quick: New Insights into Active Vision in the Brain

Tübingen neuroscientists expand on role of superior colliculus – disregarded area in brainstem...

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Nerve cells use brain waves to judge importance

Neurobiologists from Tübingen and Munich find clues as to how the brain separates the important from...

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European Research Council Starting Grants for two Tübingen researchers

Coveted grants for projects in Mathematics as well as in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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Falling moons: When proto-Earth met its makers

German and Israeli supercomputers spend 100 weeks crunching astronomical numbers

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The University of Tübingen explains machine learning

New video clarifies important elements of artificial intelligence in lay terms

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Tübingen Researchers discover gilded mummy mask

German-Egyptian team presents the latest findings from Saqqara excavations

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A Software to See How Fish See

Software for behavioral studies in fish made freely available by Tübingen neuroscientists

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Site-directed RNA editing as an alternative to genetic scissors

Tübingen researchers use cells’ backup copies for targeted, reversible changes to genetic...

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