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Cave Bear: A Vegetarian Carnivore

Scientists provide evidence of an exclusively vegetarian diet in the extinct European cave bear

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Tropical diving birds once lived in Germany

Palaeontologists find 11.5 million-year-old darter fossils alongside early primate remains in...

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Being in the wrong place can set off an allergic reaction

University of Tübingen team uncovers a mechanism that sets off an allergic reaction in neutral...

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Time travel on your couch

The ResourceCultures collaborative research center takes visitors to lost worlds via its virtual...

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How the goat-like gorals of the Himalaya can be better protected

University of Tübingen researchers suggest giving them open grasslands to live in

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Every tooth tells a different story

University of Tübingen researchers uncover dental traits revealing genetic relationships in humans,...

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300,000-year-old throwing stick documents the evolution of hunting

Homo heidelbergensis used wooden weapons to hunt waterbirds and horses

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