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Tübingen prehistory prize for Dr. Kurt Rademaker

Award for archaeologist who showed first humans in South America were quick to adapt to high...

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Tübingen’s Taiwan Center receives two major honors

European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan gets special status, wins French-Taiwan Cultural...

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Forget about forgetting – The elderly know more and use it better

Tübingen linguists show time and experience increase cognitive abilities as we age (though speed may...

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Glacial meltwater floods Tibetan pastures

Tübingen geographers probe glacier shrinkage and its effects

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Reaching for the stars ‒ How religion boosted astronomy in the pre-modern age

Junior researchers launch exhibition at Tübingen Uni Museum – The search for God alongside...

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Poll: Tübingen graduates satisfied with studies and subsequent professions

Respondents from class of 2011 found work quickly; many pursuing higher studies or traineeships.

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Memorial service for long-serving Tübingen University President

Professor Adolf Theis strengthened University’s good reputation internationally and at home for 23...

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