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What 300,000 year old eggshells reveal about the environment of the Paleolithic

The nesting site of whooper swans on the banks of a former lake in Schoningen

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Humans have always come in different shapes and sizes

Tübingen researchers show that even our earliest ancestors varied in build

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Microbes use tiny magnets as batteries

Tübingen geomicrobiologists show that bacteria can use natural magnets found in soils and sediments...

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ERC Consolidator Grant for Thorsten Stafforst

€1.8m for research into artificial riboproteins

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What did the early Celts use Greek pottery for?

A collaboration of researchers from Baden-Württemberg studies Greek ceramic imports and their...

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Researchers identify gene linked with early epilepsy

Treatment may help prevent poor brain development in some cases

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€1.5m ERC Starting Grant for Stephan König

Geoscientist comes to Tübingen to investigate links between processes inside the Earth and in the...

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