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How the tomato avoids entanglements with a dodder

Tübingen researchers uncover the mechanism which triggers host plant resistance against parasitic...

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A potential lifesaver lies unrecognized in the human body

Tübingen researchers have discovered that bacteria from the human nose produces a novel antibiotic...

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Researchers discover how rope was made 40,000 years ago

Archaeologist from the University of Tübingen present a sophisticated tool carved from mammoth ivory...

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No market without morals

Tübingen’s Professor Dierksmeier puts the business case for ethics in his new book Reframing...

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A Sense of Direction in the Brain: Seeing the Inner Compass

Head direction cells in rodents are directly connected with other neuronal structures used in...

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Cannibalism among late Neandertals in northern Europe

Tübingen researchers in international team uncover grisly evidence that Neandertals butchered their...

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Humans are not the only ones who produce halogenated organic pollutants

Tübingen geomicrobiologists show that many bacteria and fungi in soil make organohalogens

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