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How plants decide on a pattern for a new leaf

University of Tübingen researcher investigates the role of small RNAs in communication between cells

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Tübingen archaeologists uncover cuneiform archive in Iraq’s Kurdish region

93 ancient Assyrian clay tablets to yield their secrets

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Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power

Geomicrobiologists from the University of Tübingen aim to elucidate mechanisms of nitrate storage...

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New procedure enables cultivation of human brain sections in the petri dish

Tübingen researchers open up new possibilities in brain tissue research

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Sizing up our ape past

Researchers suggest the last common ancestor of the apes was substantially smaller than previously...

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Ebola vaccine can now be used on children

An international team tests the vaccine on adolescents and children and establishes correct dosage

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Doing homework is associated with change in students’ personality

Students who invest more effort in their homework show changes in conscientiousness, University of...

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