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Heisenberg uncertainty frustration - Quantum systems torn between liquid and solid states

Tübingen and Konstanz researchers discover a quantum mechanism unparalleled in classical physics

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The Mideast in upheaval

Public lecture by Senator Hasan Abu Nimah: Former Jordanian Ambassador speaks at University of...

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An immunological memory in the brain

Inflammatory reactions can change the brain’s immune cells in the long term – meaning that these...

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Chaos makes quantum sensors work more precisely

Physicists at the University of Tübingen are developing a method for increasing the accuracy of...

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Pleistocene glaciation impacted the present shape of the Olympic Mountains

Geoscientists from the University of Tübingen investigate the spatial and temporal evolution of...

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Newly discovered supernova remnants only reveal themselves at the highest gamma-ray energies

Astrophysicists of the University of Tübingen publish new results on the occasion of the 15th...

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How to Reprogram Memory Cells in the Brain

Tübingen Neuroscientists reprogram brain cells to investigate how place memories are formed

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