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When do plants help or hinder each other?

Biologists at the University of Tübingen successfully test new model predicting plant interactions...

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A 300,000-year-old, nearly complete elephant skeleton from Schöningen

What happened on the lakeshore: Archaeologists document traces of Stone Age people and the...

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New Humboldt Professorship in Education research for the University of Tübingen

Kou Murayama comes from the UK on Germany’s richest international research award

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Technologies for protein production: New ways to feed the world's population

Team at the University of Tübingen is investigating how proteins can be produced without the need...

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Drug counterfeiters use fear of corona epidemic

Falsified chloroquine tablets identified in Africa - University of Tübingen supports local...

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Cave Bear: A Vegetarian Carnivore

Scientists provide evidence of an exclusively vegetarian diet in the extinct European cave bear

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Tropical diving birds once lived in Germany

Palaeontologists find 11.5 million-year-old darter fossils alongside early primate remains in...

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Being in the wrong place can set off an allergic reaction

University of Tübingen team uncovers a mechanism that sets off an allergic reaction in neutral...

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