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University of Tübingen winter semester enrollments

Freshmen and international students boost student numbers

The number of first-year students and international students at the University of Tübingen rose this winter semester 2018-19. This despite overall numbers tending lower. On the cut-off date – 15 November 2018 – the University booked 27,565 enrollments, with 16,147 of those being female and 11,418 male. That’s slightly down on the same time last year – 176 or about 0.6 percent fewer students. 

But new enrollments rose by 122 to 5,319 – a jump of 2.4 percent compared with last year. And the number of international students rose about 7.2 percent to 3,924 ‒ including 1,170 new enrollments.

The University’s Executive Vice-President, Dr Andreas Rothfuss, said the overall slight drop in enrollments was due to higher graduation numbers. He said the current developments show that the strong cohorts of a few years ago were finishing their studies. He added, however, that there was still plenty of work to do: “We will be using our staff and buildings at full capacity for many years to come.”

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