Katharina Brecht, PhD

Wissenschaftliche Angestellte

Research Interests

  • Comparative Cognition
  • Corvid cognitive abilities 


  • Cognitive control of corvid vocalisations (PI, DFG grant "Eigene Stelle") 
  • Statistical decision making in corvids (PI, Athene-fellowship) 
  • Neophobia in corvids (with Rachael Miller & Nicky Clayton) 


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Brecht, Müller, & Nieder (2020). Carrion crows (Corvus corone corone) fail the mirror mark test yet again. Journal of Comparative Psychology [pdf

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Ostojic, Legg, Dits, Williams, Brecht, Mendl, & Clayton (2016). Experimenter expectancy bias does not explain Eurasian jays’ (Garrulus glandarius) performance in a desire-state attribution task. Journal of Comparative Psychology.

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