China’s Political System in the Xi Jinping Era: Features, Trends and Developments

Colloquium Greater China/Modern China, Summer 2021

Many observers have stated that China’s political system has seen considerable change since the beginning of the Xi Jinping era. But what exactly has changed, and to what effect? What are the most striking features of today’s political system, and what broader trends and developments within China’s elite strata and society at large do they embody? How successful is the system in generating stability and legitimacy? Does is allow for systemic evolution, and if so, in what direction? Or, are we facing an increasing ossification of the system that may lead to its eventual demise? This lecture series focuses on a number of relevant topics assessing the steering capacity of China’s political system in various policy fields, which is critical for the future development of China’s Communist regime and its “authoritarian resilience”. It is also an event to feature the “German school of China studies”.  

The lecture series is an online event via Zoom. It takes place on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:45 pm (CET). Speakers shall talk no longer than 25-30 minutes, followed by 45-50 minutes of Q&A.




April 29

A Disciplining Agency: The State in Xi Jinping China

(Prof. Dr. Thomas Heberer, Universität Duisburg-Essen)

Talk recording


May 6

Economic Steering in Xi Jinping China

(Prof. Dr. Doris Fischer, Universität Würzburg)

Talk recording



How to Ensure Cadres' Compliance? Cadres Management in Xi Jinping China

(Chen Xuelian, Central Compilation and Translation Office, Beijing)


June 10

Handling Social Protest in Xi Jinping’s China

(Prof. Dr. Christian Göbel, Universität Wien)

Talk recording


June 17

From Resilience to Consolidation: Judicial Reforms and Authoritarian Rule in Xi Jinping China

(Meng Ye, M.A., Universität Tübingen)


June 24

Xi’s Third Way: Illiberal Institutionalization

(Prof. Dr. Björn Alpermann, Universität Würzburg)

Talk recording


July 1

Building a „World Class Science System” in Xi Jinping China

(Dr. Anna L. Ahlers, MPI für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin)

Talk recording


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