Englisches Seminar


You will find our courses in the Alma system. Remember: in order to register for certain courses via Alma during the registration period, you need to be logged in. From Summer term 2020 onwards all course registrations take place in Alma (not Campus!).

Courses Winter term 2020/2021:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinfandt

KO: Topics for Candidates - MA/MEd

L: Introduction to Literary Studies

S: Introduction to Literary Studies (parallel group 8)

L: A Literary History: A Systematic Approach

S: The Life of Texts

S: Visions of Belfast

Ellen Dengel-Janic

S: Introduction to Literary Studies (parallel groups 11 & 12)

S: M.A English Literatures and Cultures: Specialist Skills

S: Narration, Ethics and Desire

Raphael Zähringer

S: Introduction to Literary Studies (parallel groups 18 & 19)

Heike Grundmann

Introduction to Literary Studies (parallel group 14)

Arya Aryan

S: Postmodern Fiction and Theory

S = Seminar, L = Lecture, KO = Kolloquium, EPG = Ethisch-Philosophisches Grundlagenstudium

For everyone who is going to attend Intoduction to Literary Strudies: The links do not directly redirect you to the seminar's page (at least not to the group you are most likely looking for). Please select "parallel groups" and then scroll to the seminar you would like to attend (the numbers of the groups on this page match the ones on the alma page). There you can also find announcements and who you have to contact if you have questions (under "details").