Networking Funds Tübingen-Nottingham (Hohenheim/Stuttgart)

With this call for application the University of Tübingen and the University of Nottingham wish to strengthen and to develop their collaboration built on already existing ties and joint research activities. Both universities will make funds available for the call. Furthermore, the University of Tübingen strongly supports the networking with the University of Hohenheim and the University of Stuttgart, providing additional funds.

Following research areas should be addressed:
  • Quantum Physics, Gravitation/Gravitational Waves and Mathematics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Precision Imaging
  • Food security & Agriculture
  • Plant science & Nutrition
  • Humanities & Social sciences

Project proposals that are interdisciplinary and/or focusing on Africa related research are particularly encouraged for submission.

  • Strengthening of the ties between Tübingen and Nottingham, as well as Hohenheim and Stuttgart and broadening of the existing partnership
  • Development of joint applications for large external grants  
  • Joint publications in peer reviewed journals
Funding Available:

A. Seedcorn (preparatory) projects: duration max. 2 years with a budget of up to 25.000 EUR/project (or up to 35.000 EUR/project if the University of Hohenheim and/or the University of Stuttgart are involved).

B. Tübingen and Nottingham will announce further support for research collaboration in the Summer of 2021 for jointly supervised PhD positions for the duration of 3-4 years.

The information on this page can also be downloaded as PDF.

Call for Applications

Funding line A - Seedcorn (preparatory) projects

Projects with a duration of max. 2 years and a budget of up to 25.000 EUR/project (or up to 35.000 EUR/project if the University of Hohenheim and/or the University of Stuttgart are involved).

What can be funded:
  • Travel, accommodation and subsistence
  • Facilitation of a workshop with potential academic or non-academic partners, with the aim of refining the content and objectives of a research proposal, or developing strategies for external impact
  • Catering and room hire
  • Administrative costs of organising meetings or workshops
  • Consumables costs for a proof-of-principle study
  • Market research
  • Ad-hoc / short-term assistance from a research assistant (RA)
  • Applicants/PIs must be academic staff at either Nottingham or Tübingen Universities (or equivalent with the duration of stay equal to the applied funding period) at any stage of their careers; collaboration between researchers from Nottingham and Tübingen is a prerequisite for the project application
  • Involvement of the researchers from the University of Hohenheim and/or the University of Stuttgart is strongly encouraged
  • Additional external partners can be involved; however, a strong argument should be made where the external partners’ contribution exceeds 20%  
  • Applicants must have expertise in the applied projects
  • Projects incorporating Early Career Researchers (ECRs) or postgraduate students are encouraged 
Selection criteria:
  • Academic quality of the proposed research including ambition, significance and originality
  • Importance of seedcorn funding for the likely success of any future, external grant application
  • Alignment with the defined research areas
  • Clarity of intentions, including timetable of submission and targeted external funding scheme
  • Value for money of the targeted external funding

Proposals will be jointly evaluated by a panel which includes senior academics from the University of Nottingham and the University of Tübingen.

Deadline and Schedule

Application deadline for the seedcorn (preparatory) projects:
Midday (UK time) Tuesday 15th June 2021

Selection committee meeting:
July 2021

Project start:
October 2021