Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

The Doctoral Student Seminar (DOSE)

Doctoral student seminars offer a platform for EVEREST students to discuss their projects, scientific approaches and career plans in an informal atmosphere. Students take turns in hosting the seminar, offering hands-on practical insights or 'behind-the-scences' tours to core facilities and collections to let their fellow students delve into their scientific methods, challenges of field or lab work, or perspectives for data analysis.

The seminar concludes with joint snacks and drinks..

Host take care that the attendance sheet is signed by all participants and soon submitted to the EVEREST coordinators.

DOSE Programme 2021







Jan Thu, 7th 17:00 William Snyder Zoom Stone Tools and Language
Jan Wed, 27th 17:00 Prof. Dr. Nico Michiels Zoom Time Management
Feb Tue, 16th 15:00 Prof. Dr. Katerina Harvati Zoom Career Planning
(open to master students)
March Tue, 2nd 11:30 Dr. Sarah Müller Online Doctoral procedures faculty of science
(Registration through ILIAS until 01.03.)
March Tue, 9th 16:00 Dr. Nils Anthes Zoom Publishing
March Wed, 24th 17:00 Tobias Massonne Zoom Morphological scoring and its pitfalls
April Thu, 15th 16:00 Prof. Hervé Bocherens Zoom Mental health/ general issues due to Corona
April Tue, 27th 16:00 Diana Marcazzan Zoom Fire in a paleolithic cave: a geoarchaeological point of view