Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Michael Ziegler



PhD candidate

78806  michael.ziegler(@)

room 316, 2nd floor

Aim of the study

I’m working in the project Effect-Net, which is a multi-scale effect network for hazard identification and risk evaluation of high consumption chemicals in aquatic ecosystems. In detail I am focusing on the effects of the neuroactive compounds citalopram and fluoxetine (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor – SSRI) and its effects on the endemic aquatic species rainbow trout (Salmo trutta f. fario) and big ramshorn snail (Planorbarious corneus). For this, different lifestages of the rainbow trout are used to assess their different sensitivity and then, they can be compared to the Ramshorn snail, to assess the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. To evaluate this, different biomarkers are used, like histopathology of the central metabolic organs liver and midgut gland, changes in behavior of the organisms and level of stress proteins like Hsp70 and cortisol.