Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

EvE Seminar

Winter Semester 2020/21 - Tuesdays at 12:15 - in Zoom

The EvE Seminar is the main research seminar of the Institute of Evolution and Ecology at University of Tübingen, with contributions from all EvE groups. It covers a broad range of topics in ecology and evolutionary biology, usually with about half of the talks by researchers from our institute and half by invited colleagues from Germany and abroad.

The seminar is currently organised by Madalin Parepa and Oliver Bossdorf. Write us if you want to be added to the mailing list (announcements and zoom links), and follow us on!

Zoom Link:

Date Host Seminar
Nov 3 Plant Evol Ecol Uta Grünert (Tübingen) - Multi-strain responses of calcifying algae to lake carbon dynamics
Nov 10 Evol Biol Invertebr

Oliver Betz (Tübingen) - Linking insect functional morphology to ecology, evolution and biomimetics

Nov 17 Anim Evol Ecol Holger Schielzeth (Jena) - Evolutionary ecology of a widespread green-brown polymorphism in grasshoppers
Nov 24 Comp Zool Isolde van Riemsdijk (Tübingen) - Searching for moving hybrid zones in amphibian species with big genomes
Dec 1 Anim Physiol Ecol Göran Bengtsson (Lund) - "So soll es sein, so wird es sein" - on the scientific support for the odd interaction between Sweden and the Corona virus
Dec 8 Comp Zool TBA
Dec 15 Comp Zool Katharina Foerster (Tübingen) - Spatial recognition in harvest mice
Dec 22 Plant Evol Ecol Ramona Irimia (Tübingen) - Plant performance traits and invasion - a global field survey of Japanese knotweed
    Christmas break
Jan 12 All Annual assembly of EvE Institute
Jan 19 Plant Ecol Anke Stepphuhn (Hohenheim) - The many layers of defence against herbivores in solanaceous plants
Jan 26 Plant Evol Ecol Robert Junker (Marburg) - The emergence and functionality of multidiversity in alpine successions
Feb 2 Evol Biol Invertebr Jake Soscha (Virginia Tech, USA) - Organismal biomechanics & bio-inspired engineering
Feb 9 Anim Physiol Ecol Mona Schweizer (Tübingen) - Why pH is crucial - Toxocity assessment and modelling approach of ionisable substances using the Fish Embyro Test (FET)
Feb 16 Plant Ecol Leonie Fischer (Stuttgart) - Urban nature: where people and biodiversity meet
Feb 23 Anim Evol Ecol Christian Voolstra (Konstanz) - The metaorganism frontier - we are not alone


Guidelines for speakers

  • Please keep your presentation to around 35 minutes so that there is still some time for discussion.
  • Keep in mind that you have a rather broad audience, with a mix of students and more experienced reseachers, and people from different disciplines. Don't assume too much, explain terms, avoid specialized jargon.

Guidelines for hosts

  • Shortly introduce the speaker at the beginning of the seminar.
  • Encourage everybody, in particular students, to ask questions. In Zoom, questions can be indicated through "raised hands" or posed directly in the chat. Try to keep an overview and call people individually. If there are students and/or women with questions, give them priority. 
  • Particularly for external speakers: get in touch with them prior to the seminar, organise chats with students and postdocs, and organise dinner. Ask other EvE groups that may be interested to participate.