Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Some current options for BSc/MSc topics in the Plant Evolutionary Ecology group:

Topic What? When? Contact(s)
Large-scale geographic variation of climate tolerance in Thlaspi arvense Growth chamber experiments Any time Dario, Oliver
Anti-herbivore defenses of invasive knotweed across its European latitudinal range Experiments in greenhouse and/or garden Any time Ramona, Madalin
Phenology and biotic interactions of weedy Asteraceae along urbanisation gradients Observation in the field Summer Madalin, Oliver
Ecological value of commercial flower mixtures: diversity, stability, biotic interactions Field experiment Summer Madalin, Oliver
Tracking environmental changes (climate change, invasion, urbanisation) through herbarium specimens Herbarium work Any time Uta, Oliver

All of these topics are potentially suitable for both BSc and MSc theses. This is only a preliminary list; come and talk to us if you have further ideas!