EvE Seminar

In the Evolution and Ecology Seminar Series, selected speakers from Tübingen or elsewhere, including top-scientists from abroad, are invited to give an overview of their latest research. Seminar speakers are usually available for scientific discussion - please contact the host to arrange a meeting. Please contact Korinna Allhoff if you want to give a talk or invite someone for the EvE Seminar.

The EvE seminar takes place on TUESDAYs in lecture hall N1 (Hörsaalgebäude auf der Morgenstelle) at 12:00 s.t. - 13:00. Please be aware that the specifically marked Hilgendorf lectures take place at a different location and at a different time: lecture hall S320 in the Geosciences Building, Hölderlinstraße 12, on Wednesdays at 17:15-18:30.

Programme SoSe 2018

Date Speaker

17 April

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Xavier Thibert-Plante (Icelab and Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Umeå University, Sweden)

Theoretical studies of ecology, evolution and speciation

24 April

Host: Katharina Foerster

(Comparative Zoology)

Eric Kemen (Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine (IMIT) & Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP), Universität Tübingen)

Who rules the microbial world – of Hubs and PerKys

01 May

Public holiday - no seminar

09 May (Hilgendorf Lecture)

Details on Hilgendorf lecture website

15 May

Host: Niek Scheepens

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Norbert Hölzel (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group, Institute of Landscape Ecology, University of Münster)

Land-use change in Western Siberia and its effects on biodiversity and carbon sequestration

22 May

Pentecost holiday - no seminar

29 May

Host: Henri Thomassen

(Comparative Zoology)

Moises Exposito-Alonso (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany)

Forecasting climate change-driven evolution

05 June

Host: EVE Institute

Katharina Foerster (Comparative Zoology)

Personality and learning in European harvest mice

13 June (Hilgendorf Lecture)

Details on Hilgendorf lecture website

19 June

Host: EVE Institute

Niek Scheepens (Plant Evolutionary Ecology):

Plant adaptation to mountains, moths and land management

26 June

Host: t.b.a

(not yet scheduled)


03 July

Host: Nils Anthes

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Roland Fritsch (Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

An eye for an eye - How T. delaisi's eye anatomy could allow it to detect other eyes in its surroundings

10 July

Host: Manfred Drack

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Werner Baumgartner (Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics, University of Linz)

It’s not (only) a bug: What we can learn from surface structures of bugs for fluid handling

18 July (Hilgendorf lecture)

Details on Hilgendorf lecture website

24 July

Host: Stefan Fischer

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Francesca Vegliante (Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden, Museum für Tierkunde)

Functional morphology of the genitalia and their match during copulation of Anania hortulata (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Previous semester programs

WS 2017/2018


18 October
Hilgendorf Lecture (N10)

Host: Hervé Bocherens


Mikael Fortelius (Department of Geosciences & Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland)

Environments and mammal communities in the East African Plio-Pleistocene

Note exceptional location: Lecture hall N10, Auf der Morgenstelle 3

25 October

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Korinna Allhoff (Plant Ecology, Tübingen)

A dynamic network approach to global change ecology

10 November

Hilgendorf Lecture (Alte Aula)
Host: Katharina Foerster

(Comparative Zoology)

Virpii Lummaa (Human Life History Group, University of Turku, Finland)


Note exceptional location: Alte Aula, Münzgasse 30 at Meeting StEvE

15 November

Host: Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Martin Pfeiffer (Department of Biogeography, Bayreuth)

Blue sky, red ants, black beetles - 20 years of ecological research in Mongolia

22 November

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Anje-Margriet Neutel (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Making sense of a multitude of feedbacks in ecological communities

29 November

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Mans Schepers (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Prehistoric salt marsh farmers: reconstructing their natural environment and lifestyle

06 December
Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Wolfgang Forstmeier (MPI for Ornithology, Seewiesen)

How research on mate choice in zebra finches reveals weaknesses in our scientific method

13 December

Host: Heinz Köhler

(Animal Physiological Ecology)

Kay Nieselt (Bioinformatics, Tübingen)

PASSAGE - Efficient analysis of differential gene expression in organisms without a reference genome

10 January Institutes meeting / Instituts-Versammlung

17 January

Host: Katharina Förster

(Comparative Zoology)

Henri Thomassen (Comparative Zoology, Tübingen)

On the origin and preservation of biodiversity - a bird's eye view

24 January

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Jens Hellinger (Department of General Zoology & Neurobiology, Bochum)

Bioluminescence in flashlight fishes. Diversity in blink behavior and light organ function

31 January

Host: Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Andrea Grill (Tropical Ecology and Animal Biodiversity, University of Vienna, Austria)

Species shifting boundaries in changing landscapes

07 February
Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)

Host: Katerina Harvati


Philipp Mitteröker (Theoretical Biology, Vienna, Austria)

Why is human childbirth so difficult? Obstetrics and the evolution of labor

14 February
Extra EvE Seminar

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Juergen Kreyling (Experimental Plant Ecology, Greidswald)

Within species variation and climatic extremes - examples from temperate plant species

SS 2017

April 19th No Presentation

April 26th Hilgendorf Lecture (N10)

Fernando Maestre (Dryland Ecology and Global Change Lab, Madrid, Spain)

Host: J. Ruppert / K. Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Biotic controls of ecosystem functioning in global drylands under global change

May 3rd Sabine Nooten (Western Sydney University, Australia)

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Environmental drivers of community assembly and biodiversity
May 10th Tobias Seidl (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen)

Host: Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Structure and Function of Earwig Hindwings

May 17th

Yakir Gagnon (University of Malmo, Sweden)

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Circularly Polarized Light as a Communication Signal in Mantis Shrimps
May 24th Hernan Burbano (MPI, Tübingen)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Ancient Plant Genomics and Evolution

May 31st Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)

Robin Denell (University of Exeter, UK)

Host: M. Porr / N. Conrad

(Early Prehistory & Quaternary Ecology)

Homo sapiens outside Africa: the history of an invasive species
June 7th No Presentation
June 14th Madhur Anand (University of Guelph, Canada)

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Forest-grassland mosaics: their ecology and human-environment coupling
June 21st Carla Lorenz (Animal Physiological Ecology, Tübingen)

Host: Heinz Köhler

(Animal Physiological Ecology)

Modulation of pesticide toxicity by nanoparticles - lessons from the non-biting midge Chironomus riparius
June 28th Anja Lindstädter (Botanical Institute, University of Köln)

Host: J.Ruppert / K. Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Global change effects on ecosystem functioning: Lessons from African dryland rangelands
July 5th Ulrich Schliewen (Zoologische Staatssammlung, München)

Host: Nico Michiels / Nils Anthes

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

African Cichlids and Tectonics

July 12th Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)

Ille C. Gebeshuber (University of Vienna, Austria)

Host: Manfred Drack / Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

What is a physicist doing in the jungle? Biomimetics of the rainforest

July 19th

No presentation

WS 2016

October 19th Valentin Klaus (Biodiversity & Ecosystem Research Group, University of Münster)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Potentials and limitations of grassland restoration in urban areas.

October 26th

No presentation
November 2nd No presentation
November 9th Carsten H.G. Müller (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald)

Host: Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Discovery-driven research on non-model organisms still matters - examples from descriptive ultramorphology
November 16th Pierre Liancourt (Institute of Botany of the ASCR, Průhonice, Czech Republic)

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Predicting changes in biodiversity: Biotic uncertainties and trait-based approaches

November 23rd

Thomas Gottschalk (Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg)

Host: Nils Anthes

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Forecasting bird population changes in response to global warming and land-use change
November 30th Simon Schwarz (Animal Pyhsiological Ecology group, Tübingen)

Host: Heinz Köhler

(Animal Physiological Ecology)

From theory to reality: Evaluation of suitable organisms and test systems for the biomonitoring of pharmaceuticals
December 7th Fernanda Fadel (University of Lincoln, UK)

Host: Katharina Förster

(Comparative Zoology)

Uncovering the genetic basis of impulsivity in dogs
December 14th
Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)
Prof. Redouan Bshary (Université de Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Marine cleaning mutualism: game theory meets mechanisms
January 11th Petra Lindemann-Matthies (University of Education, Karlsruhe)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf & Anna Lampei Bucharová

(Bunte Wiese)

Nature makes us feel good - perception and knowledge of biodiversity and the contribution of plant diversity to human well-being
January 18th Maria Majekova (University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic)

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Temporal fluctuations and functional traits in high-diversity plant communities
January 25th Dieter Thomas Tietze (Biology Department, Univ. of Heidelberg)

Host: Nils Anthes

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Avian diversities in the Sino-Himalayan region

February 01st

Hilgendorf Lecture (S320)

Prof. Alexandra-Maria Klein (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Managing biodiversity to promote pollination services - how to increase biodiversity and why it is important for wild and managed ecosystems

SS 2016

April 11th Michal Gruntman (Plant Ecology, University of Tübingen)

Host: Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

Invasive success and the evolution of plant defences
April 18th Ingmar Werneburg (Curator of the Palaeontological Collection, Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment (HEP), University of Tübingen)

Host: Oliver Betz

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Developmental timing and adult morphology
April 25th No seminar
May 2nd
Hilgendorf Lecture
Christoph Randler (School of Education, Tübingen)
Host: Nils Anthes Chronotype, individual differences and the biological basis of morning/evening-orientation – Is there a link with evolutionary aspects in humans?
May 9th Christian Zwiener (Department of Geosciences, University of Tübingen)

Host: Heinz Köhler

(Animal Physiological Ecology)

Which transformation products or metabolites of pollutants are relevant? - An electrochemistry and mass spectrometry approach
May 16th HOLIDAY
May 23rd Martin How (University of Bristol, UK)

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)

Polarized light as an alternative to colour in animal vision
May 30th No Seminar
June 6th Andreas Tewes (Crop sciences, University Bonn)

Host: Jan Ruppert / Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

»Off-the-Shelf« Digital Cameras as Tools in Vegetation Monitoring: Potentials and Pitfalls
June 13th Daniel Prati (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

Stability and plant diversity in the Biodiversity Exploratories
June 20th Angelica Mustroph (Plant Genetics Group, University of Bayreuth)

Host: Michal Gruntman / Katja Tielbörger

(Plant Ecology)

New insights into plant responses to flooding stress
June 27th Harald Auge (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Halle)

Host: Oliver Bossdorf

(Plant Evolutionary Ecology)

The Global Change Experimental Facility: Studying the interactive effects of land use and climate change on terrestrial ecosystems

July 4th

Hilgendorf Lecture

Markus Bastir (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain)

Host: Katerina Harvati

(Paleoanthropology )

Evolution, form and function of the human respiratory system
July 11th Balazs Bernath (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Host: Oliver Betz / Stefan Fischer

(Evolutionary Biology of Invertebrates)

Title coming shortly
July 18th Nils Anthes (Animal Evolutionary Ecology, University of Tübngen)

Host: Nico Michiels

(Animal Evolutionary Ecology)
Evolutionary sex roles and sexual selection: general patterns and pitfalls in their quantification

WS 2015/16

12 October 2015 Sara Tomiolo (Plant Ecology, Tübingen)
19 October 2015 Pierre-Paul Bitton (Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Tübingen)

29 October 2015 Hilgendorf lecture John Pannell (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

2 November 2015 Garspar Jekely (Max Planck, Tübingen)
9 November 2015 Wayne Dawson (Ecology Research Group, Konstanz)
16 November 2015 Udi Segev (Comparative Zoology, Tübingen)
23 November 2015 Marco Scheurer (TZW Technologiezentrum Wasser, Karlsruhe)

7 December 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Bob Wong (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

14 December 2015 Andreas Fangmeier (Plant Ecology & Ecotoxicology group, Hohenheim)
11 January 2016 Thomas Morwinsky (Kommando Sanitätsdienst der Bundesweher, München)
18 January 2016 Melanie Dammhahn (Animal Ecology Group, Potsdam)

25 January 2016 Hilgendorf lecture Will Roebroeks (University of Leiden, Netherlands)

1 February 2016 Barbara Feldmeyer (Biodiversity & Climate research centre, Frankfurt)
8 February 2016 Francois Vasseur (Molecular Biology Weigel group, MPI Tübingen)


SS 2015

13 April 2015 Olaf Thalmann (University of Uppsala, Sweden/University of Turku, Finland)

20 April 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Anne Christine Utne Palm (Institue of Marine Research, Norway)

4 May 2015 Mark Bilton (Plant Ecology, Tübingen)

11 May 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Ariel Novoplansky (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)

18 May 2015 Manfred Drack (University of Vienna, Austria)
1 June 2015 Anna Lampei Bucharova (Plant Evolutionary Ecology, Tübingen)
8 June 2015 Tim Janicke (CEFE, Montpellier, Francen)
15 June 2015 Micheal Scherer-Lorenzen (Geobotanik,, University of Freiburg)

22 June 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Bruce MacFadden, (University of Florida, USA)

29 June 2015 Holger Bohn (Plant Biomechanics Group, University of Freiburg)
6 July 2015 Carsten Dormann (Biometry & Environmental System Analysis, University of Freiburg)

13 July 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Stephen Frost, (University of Oregen, USA)


WS 2014/15

23 October 2014 StEvE meeting Christina Warinner (University of Oklahoma, USA)

27 October 2014 Robert Colautti (Plant Evolutionary Ecology, Tübingen)
3 November 2014 Miriam Paul (Plant Ecology, Tübingen)
17 November 2014 Kneyon Mobleyi (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön)

24 November 2014 Hilgendorf lecture Sönke Johnsen (Duke University, USA)

1 December 2014 Fabian Haas (University of Leipzig, Germany)
8 December 2014 Jan Ruppert (University of Köln, Germany)
15 December 2014 Stefan Fischer (University of Halifax, Canada)

12 January 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Jonathan Silvertown, (University of Edinburgh, UK)

19 January 2015 Nico Michiels (Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Tübingen)
26 January 2015 Jonathan Jeschke (Ecosystem Research, Freie University Berlin)
2 February 2015 Rita Triebskorn (Animal Physiological Ecology, Tübingen)

9 February 2015 Hilgendorf lecture Anne Magurran, (University of St. Andrews, UK)


SS 2014

14 April 2014 Cornelia Kienle (Ecotox Centre Eaweg/EPFL, Switzerland)

28 April 2014 Hilgendorf lecture Charlotte Kvarnemo (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

5 May 2014 Frank Schurr (Landscape Ecol. Group, University of Hohenheim)
12 May 2014 Nils Anthes (Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Tübingen)

19 May 2014 Hilgendorf lecture Peter Gärdenfors (University of Lund, Sweden)

26 May 2014 Carolin Lang (University of Bayreuth)
2 June 2014 Eric Allan (Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern)
16 June 2014 Jana Petermann (Multitrophic Biodiversity Group, Freie Universität, Berlin)
23 June 2014 Eric Allan (Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern)

30 June 2014 Hilgendorf lecture Nicole van Dam, (German Centre for Biodiversity Research, Leipzig)

7 July 2014 Katharina Foerster (Comparative Zoology, Tübingen)
14 July 2014 Lukas Schärer (University of Basel, Switzerland)


WS 2013/2014

21 October 2013 no EvE seminar due to meeting Steve in the same week
04 November 2013 Adrian Streit, Evolutionary Biology, MPI Tübingen

18 November 2013 Hilgendorf lecture Keith Hobson, host Hervé Bocherens

25 November 2013 Dorothée Drucker, Paleobiology, Uni Tübingen
02 December 2013 Kirsten Bos, Paleogenetics, Uni Tübingen
09 December 2013 Frank Chan, Friedrich Mischer Lab, MPI Tübingen
16 December 2013 Marten Winter, iDiv Leipzig, Host: Oliver Bossdorf
13 January 2014 Melissa Meadows, Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Uni Tübingen
20 January 2014 Patrice David, Host: Nils Anthes
27 January 2014 Caroline Mueller (Uni Bielefeld), Host: Mirka Macel

03 February 2014 Hilgendorf lecture Anna-Liisa Laine, Host: Oliver Bossdorf


SS 2013

29 April Karen de Jong, Wageningeng University (Host: Katja Heubel)
06 May Katja Tielbörger, University Tübingen
07 May Prof. Dr. Martin Thiel´, Facultad Ciencias del Mar, CEAZA Coquimbo, Chil
16 May Gerlinde de Deyn, Wageningen University, Netherlands (Host: Mirka Macel)
03 June Madalina Parepa, University Tübingen (Host: Katja Tielbörger)
10 June Alexandra Scheil, Animal Physiological Ecology, University Tübingen
17 June Christian Wirkner, University of Rostock (host: Oliver Betz)

01 July Hilgendorf lecture Jan Benda

08 July Oliver Bossdorf, University of Tübingen
15 July Dr. Sandra Steiger, Institute of Experimental Ecology, University of Ulm (Host: Katharina Foerster)
22 July Mark van Kleunen, University of Konstanz (host Oliver Bossdorf)


WS 2012/2013

17.12.2012 Uli Reyer (University of Zurich)
07.01.2013 Nico Blüthgen (TU Darmstadt)
14.01.2013 Merav Seifan (Univ Tübingen):
28.01.2013 Nico Michiels (Animal Evolutionary Ecology, Univ Tübingen)
04.02.2013 Felicity Jones, Max Planck Inst Dev Biol, Fritz-Miescher Lab