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Sabrina Wilhelm - MSc

Efficiency of different wastewater treatment technologies for the integrity of ecosystems with particular focus on fish health.


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Aim of the study

My thesis is partly integrated into the SchussenAktivplus project. It aims at evaluating the long-term effects of a new installed active charcoal filter stage at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Langwiese (AZV Mariatal, Ravensburg) for the ecosystem, with sepcial focus on fish. For this purpose, I will assess the health status of

In addition, I will examine the water quality of the Steinlach, a tributary of the Neckar River, at two sites upstream and downstream of the WWTP Dusslingen (Abwasserverband Steinlach-Wiesaz). For this, effects in rainbow trout that are kept in cages at the respective sites will be determined.