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Herzlich Wilkommen

... auf den Seiten unserer Arbeitsgruppe unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger! Hier sind Informationen zu unseren Forschungsschwerpunkten, unserer Lehre, unseren Mitarbeitern, Stellenangeboten und aktuellen Neuigkeiten zusammen gestellt. Frau Tielbörger ist gleichzeitig auch Direktorin des Botanischen Gartens.

Um uns kennen zu lernen bietet es sich an, zu einem unserer regelmäßigen Arbeitsgruppenseminare zu kommen. Hier werden in lockerer Runde die verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten vorgestellt und so ist ein guter Einblick in die verschiedenen Themenfelder möglich.

Viel Spaß beim Erkunden unserer Arbeitsgruppe!

Neuigkeiten/ News (in English)

Funding: NamTip project funded by BMBF

07.02.2019 ► NamTip aims to foster an improved understanding of degradation processes leading up to desertification tipping points (DTPs) in dry (Namibian) rangelands. The subproject located at the Plant Ecology group will focus on primary productivity and soil seedbank dynamics near DTPs and aims to identify potential early-warning signals. Two PhD and several BSc/MSc projects will be available during the 3-year runtime (2019-2022).

Publication: aDGVM2 model implements grasses' life history and selective grazing

06.02.2019 ► A publication co-authored by Jan Ruppert presents an important update to the aDGVM2 model, a trait-based global vegetation model (Ecological Modelling). In its newest implementation aDGVM2 now distinguishes between annual and perennial grasses and simulates selective grazing. The model thus made a leap towards realistically modelling plant-animal interactions in rangelands.


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BSc & MSc Theses opportunities

Please find a list of theses opportunities in the Plant Ecology department, open for BSc and MSc candidates, starting in 2019/2020. 


Welcome Dr. Maria Májeková

Maja, a plant ecologist from Slovakia has joined the plant ecology group as Senior Lecturer/ Assistant Professor. She will be involved in teaching the plant ecology as well as the biotic interaction, plant animal interaction courses.  Her research interests are the relationship between temporal stability, synchrony and plant strategies. She combines field work on semi-natural gradients with long-term field experiments and greenhouse experiments. Welcome!


Goodbye Dr. Michal Gruntman

Sadly, Michal is leaving the plant ecology group at the end of November 2018 after 8 years in Tübingen. Michal is off to her homeland Israel to take up a senior research and teaching position at the Ben Gurion University in Tel Aviv. This is an excellent career move for Michal and allows her to establish her own lab group. We will greatly miss a lovely colleague, teacher and student supervisor, we wish her all the very best and lots of success for the future!


PhD Defence: Eleanor Gibson-Forty

Eleanor Gibson-Forty has successfully defended her PhD project on 'Intraspecific variation in plant-animal interactions of the Brassicaceae family along a steep rainfall gradient in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin'. Congratulations, Ellie!