Gwinner Award

Every year, the Gwinner Award is given to acknowledge outstanding scientific presentations of young researchers.

To be eligible, potential awardees must present their work at the Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society in form of a talk or poster contribution. Participants must be students (BSc, MSc, or PhD) at the time of presentation. The winner is awarded with a prize money of 200€.  A jury of senior scientists will evaluate participating contributions. If you intend to run for the award, please indicate this during registration (mark the respective tick box).

Awards will be announced in the last session on Thu 20 February.

Eberhard Gwinner

The award is named after Prof. Eberhard Gwinner (1938–2004), who conducted pioneering work in the field of animal behaviour in his role as director of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany) and as mentor for many early career scientists. His work incorporated multiple approaches and has shed new light on migratory behaviour and circannual rhythms.