Keynote speakers

Zanna Clay

Comparative and developmental psychology - Durham, United Kingdom

Zanna Clay is a comparative and developmental psychologist. She studies non-human great apes (especially bononos) and young children in order to investigate the evolutionary and developmental basis of hominid cognition and behavior. Her main interests are the development and evolution of empathy, language and social learning.

Iain Couzin

Collective behaviour - Konstanz, Germany

Iain Couzin is Director of the Max-Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour and studies the principles that underlie evolved collective behavior. His award-winning research includes a wide range of systems, from insect swarms to fish schools and primate groups.

Judith Korb

Evolutionary Biology & Ecology - Freiburg, Germany

Judith Korb is an evolutionary ecologist. Her main interest is in the evolution of cooperation and conflict, a topic that she studies in West African termites, but also in ants and humans.

Ana Silva

Electric fish behaviour - Montevideo, Uruguay

Ana Silva is a neuroethologist working on the role of neuroendrocrines in aggression and social behaviour which she studies in weakly electric fish.