Preparation and presentation

  • Contributed talks are 12 min + 3 min discussion. Given the rather tight schedule please adhere to these limits. Here is a pdf with further recommendations.

Technical infrastructure

  • Talks can be presented in standard (4:3) or wide screen (16:9) format. Sound is possible.
  • We shall provide a windows and a mac notebook with the latest operating system, with PowerPoint (windows and MacOS) and Keynote (MacOS).
  • You can use your own laptop. We recommend to do so if your presentation includes videos or sound. Bring the required adapters to HDMI for your laptop.
  • The light in the room can be dimmed.
  • Microphones are available. Their use is optional.


  • Maximum poster dimensions is A0 (about 84 x 120 cm), portrait (vertical) orientation. The size of the poster boards does not permit landscape format.
  • Poster pins are provided.
  • Design hints: Focus on graphical elements (clarifying schemas, stunning pictures, clearly labeled graphs). Use LARGE fonts, keep the amount of text to minumum (leave some space to breathe). Make your main message visible at first glance. Avoid trivial headers (e.g. "Why do mice sing?" is more interesting than "Introduction").
  • Further reading on presenting posters can be found here.