Open positions

Open topics for Master-thesis, Bachelor-thesis or PC Praktika (AK Meixner/Zhang)

Chemistry/Physics/Nanoscience students

1) Nanoprocessing of Si wafer

New techniques for nanoprocessing Si wafer will be exploited, which could be highly interesting for semiconductor industry. Silicon wafers will be modified with ion beams in order to produce three dimensional semiconductor nanostructures. The morphology and the chemical properties of the nanostructures will be characterized using

Raman and luminescence spectroscopy, Atomic Force microscopy, Scattering Electron Microscopy, and Energy Dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy.

2) ‘Seeing’ a single quantum emitter

A play ground will be offered to you and the goal is to optically see a single quantum emitter using different techniques like dark-field microscopy and nonlinear optical microscopy. We have a variety of tools for you to try out. With this hands-on skill oriented project, you will have the opportunity to tune the microscope in order to determine the resonance frequency and the optical signal of single nanoemitters.

With the above projects, you will obtain hand-on experiences in:

  1. Operating and adjusting home-built optical microscopes
  2. Performing optical microscopy and spectroscopy
  3. Batch-processing big-data using Origin or Mat lab.

Contact person:

PD Dr. Dai Zhang (

Dr. Anke Horneber (

Room: Verfügungsgebäude 1.110, Auf der Morgenstelle 15

Phone: +49-7071-29-77639 or -77637