Plasmonic nanostructures

We are interested in investigating the linear- and non-linear-optical properties of plasmonic nanostructures, such as nanocones, nanotriangles, nanopillars, and dimer nanoantennas. Using confocal optical microscopy and high-resolution scanning near-field optical microscopy, we measure linear and two photon photoluminescence as well as second harmonic generation from these nanostructures. Assisted by FDTD and other simulation methods, we target at understanding the relationship between the optical properties and plasmonic modes in tailored nanostructures.

Collaboration with groups of Prof. Monika Fleischer/ Prof. Dieter Kern (Institute of Applied Physics, Uni. Tübingen)

Collaboration with group of Dr. Baudrion/Prof. Adam (Laboratoire de Nanotechnologie et d’Instrumentation Optique, Universite´ de technologie de Troyes)

Collaboration with group of Prof. Paul Leiderer (Department of Physics, Uni. Konstanz)