Staff of the work group Soil Science and Geomorphology listed by function


  Name Title Phone E-Mail

Scholten, Thomas

Prof. Dr. +49(0)7071-29-72-400 thomas.scholten(at)

Adjunct faculty members

  Name Title Phone E-Mail
Beck, Rolf Dr. +49(0)7472-98-08-802 rolf.beck(at)
Borger, Harald PD Dr. +49(0)7071-29-77-532 harald.borger(at)
Eberhardt, Einar Dr. +49(0)511-64-33-733 einar.eberhardt(at)
Gemmer, Marco PD Dr. +49(0)7071-29-72-400 marco(at)
Klotz, Stefan apl. Prof. Dr. +49(0)7071-29-77-525 stefan.klotz(at)
Lehmann, Andreas Dr. +49(0)711-90-75-6299 andreas.lehmann(at)
Pietsch, Dana Dr. +49(0)7071-29-77-533 dana.pietsch(at)
Thiel, Christine Dr. +49(0)511-64-32-808 christine.thiel(at)

Doctoral students

Administrative staff

  Name Title Phone E-Mail
Baur, Margaretha   +49(0)7071-29-78-939 margaretha.baur(at)

Technical staff

  Name Title Phone E-Mail
Flaiz, Sabine   +49(0)7071-29-77-520 sabine.flaiz(at)
Mögenburg, Rita   +49(0)7071-29-77-520 rita.moegenburg(at)