Fe cycling in paddy soil, sediment and permafrost

We study microbial Fe(II) oxidation and Fe(III) reduction in freshwater lake sediments, rice paddy soils and rice roots. This includes microelectrode measurements, geochemical analyses as well as optical and mineralogical analyses of temporal and spatial distribution of Fe(III) mineral formation. Additionally, in a very new research project we are intending to study Fe cycling in permafrost and the consequences for sequestration and mobilization of carbon. With a BSc and MSc student we are currently collecting preliminary data from Stordalen mire (Abisko, Sweden) on the effect of Fe-cycling on carbon bioavailability and the consequences for CH4 and CO2 formation.

Team members: Muammar Mansor, Marie Mühe, Casey Bryce, Ulf Lüder, Markus Maisch, Monique Patzner, Christopher Schwerdhelm, Ankita Chauhan, Hanna Joß

Collaborators: David Emerson, Abisko research station team, Thomas Borch, Carsten Mueller