Philipp Wolpert

PhD student

Email: philipp.wolpertspam
Address: Hölderlinstr. 12, 72072 Tübingen


Philipp Wolpert studied Geology at the University of Tuebingen (Germany) and at the University de los Andes (Venezuela), with focus on Sedimentology. He received his Diploma in 2010 about the Lower Cretaceous Sulaiy Formation in Saudi Arabia. After graduation, he joined Fronterra Integrated Geosciences in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he worked two years intensively with borehole images and well logs on conventional and unconventional reservoir studies. In 2013, he started to work for Shell P&T in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, and as an independent consultant. He is now working on his Ph.D. about “Geothermal reservoirs of the Upper Jurassic – characterization and modeling with a new sequence stratigraphic approach”.